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4 Auto Transport Scams to Avoid

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4 Auto Transport Scams to Avoid

Auto shipping has become incredibly popular over the years, with more and more individuals trusting their vehicles to transport services for one reason or another. It’s so popular, in fact, that people might not recognize an auto transport scam when they come across one. 

Like any type of service that people rely on a daily basis, there are scammers out there who try to take advantage of this enterprise, and specifically, its customers. Here’s just one example of an auto transport scam, shared by TV station KEPR in Washington. Car shipping company scams are not new, but like all forms of technology, scammers have modernized their techniques and methods. 

However, this doesn’t mean that auto transport scams are unavoidable. And what’s more, there are reliable transport companies out there to partner with. They ensure your vehicle makes it from A to B professionally and to your expectations. 

So, as you begin your search for a reliable auto transport company, here are a few auto transport scams to be aware of, and avoid. 


1. Lack of Reviews

Let’s face it, consumers are all about leaving reviews, whether they have an incredible experience or a horrible one. The auto transport services industry is no different. And if a particular reliable auto company is not posting their reviews, or only has a couple questionable reviews, this is an indicator that you might be dealing with an auto company scam.

Auto transport company reviews are incredibly important, and reliable auto transport companies will proudly put theirs on display. It is common to find these auto transport company reviews on social media in addition to the company’s website. You are also likely to find these auto transport company reviews on third-party sites. That can help you differentiate between a reliable auto transport company and an auto scam company.

2. Unclear Pricing

If you have been looking at enough auto transport companies then you will notice that some offer estimates on how much a service will cost. If they don’t, it’s an indicator that this company might be operating a transport scam for trucks and all other vehicles. 

Reliable auto transport companies will allow a consumer to enter their information to receive a cost estimate for their services. They share info about car transport costs in general terms, too. Why is it an estimate instead of a flat rate? Great question. 

Reliable auto transport companies provide estimates because there are many variables that go into nailing down car or truck shipping costs. For example, if your vehicle is a luxury vehicle or a convertible, then your shipping cost will reflect the need for a covered (or more concealed and protected) carrier. 

There are additional factors that play a role as well, such as distance and terrain. After all, transporting a car through flat, wide roads in sunny weather is less intensive than transporting a truck through narrow mountain roads where the weather might not be so kind. 

It is because of these types of variables that a reliable auto transport company will provide an estimate. And further, this option should be easy to find on the auto transport company’s website or social channels.

3. Inadequate Preparation

Everybody likes a smooth and seamless process when it comes to purchasing any product or service. The quicker the transaction can be made, and with the least amount of hassle, the happier a consumer tends to be. 

However, when it comes to reliable car transport companies, quicker doesn’t always mean more efficient. In some instances, it could mean a vehicle transport scam.

For example, there are certain protocols that need to be met. That includes the time to take photos of your vehicle before transport, for example. Reliable auto transport companies will not hurry you through (much less skip) this step. On the contrary, they will make sure your timeframe is considered when planning out the shipping service.

There are also certain documents that need to be shared and signed (by either party). If a company tries to acquire your signature without letting you read the contract, then you can rest assured this is an auto transport scam in the works.

You should always have enough time to read through the contracts and verify any government documents, insurance documents, or others that are required or administered for a safe, secure, and legitimate car shipping service.

4. No Credentials

Finding the digital footprint of a company is not difficult these days. Every industry has a digital presence where you can find information about companies, locations, services, reviews, and just about anything else. If a car shipping company does not seem to have many credentials, then there is a good chance they are not a car shipping company at all, but an auto transport scam.

Credentials come in many forms, from listing your board of directors to presenting your proper government or industry standard certifications to posting your company reviews online for everyone to see. If these credentials are difficult to find, then you should take your auto transport service search elsewhere. 

Reliable auto transport companies are proud of their credentials, as they are earned and establish the company as a valid and trustworthy participant in this industry. Therefore, when trying to navigate between a reliable auto company and a car shipping scam, let the credentials do the talking.

A man signs vehicle transport documents for his car. Reviewing the documents to make sure he avoids any auto transport scam.

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