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How to Compare Auto Transport Companies?

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How to Compare Auto Transport Companies?

If you are on the hunt for a car shipping company, then you have many factors to consider. 

Like your vehicle and your situation, car shipping companies are not all the same. And of course, you want to work with the best car transport company you can find. That means doing some searching and comparing auto transport companies with one another to find something that best suits your needs. Because what might be the best auto transport company for someone else might not necessarily be the best auto transport company for you.

However, there are certainly best practices when it comes to nailing down the best auto transport company for your situation. And this starts with looking for what you need.


Why Do You Need a Car Shipping Company?

Is this your first time partnering with a car shipping company, or is this something that you do often? If you have worked with car shipping companies before, then what is the reason you are not working with them again? This reason (or reasons) might be a big indicator of what not to look for when comparing auto transport companies to one another. 

If you have never taken advantage of a car shipping company’s services before, then you might have a lot of questions. Mostly, it comes down to the specifics. For instance, are you shipping your vehicle locally, or are you having it transported across the country? This can help you narrow your search, since not all car shipping companies have a nationwide reach. 

Another thing to consider is whether your vehicle needs special attention during shipping. For example, is your vehicle a classic automobile that needs to be transported in an enclosed and additionally padded space? 

This is different than if it is a standard car that will be shipped on a more standard carrier, exposed to the elements. For most vehicles, this method of transportation makes sense. Again, it depends on your type of vehicle and your preferences.

Finally, how quickly do you need your vehicle shipped? Does it make a difference whether you drop off the car or have it picked up? Is your timeframe somewhat flexible, or do you have a strict timeline you need to follow? These details will play a role when comparing auto transport companies. 

Carrier or Broker?

If you have not partnered with car shipping companies in the past, then you might not realize that there are carriers and brokers. A carrier is responsible for actually transporting your vehicle, but a broker helps you manage the entire process, shipping schedules and details included. 

The big difference between the two is that brokers can work with carriers all over the country, giving them an expansive network of shipping providers. This means better options for you. And while the biggest is not always the best, you can rest assured that a broker with a nationwide reach has experience in all sorts of vehicle transport services.

This experience will be important for many reasons. For one thing, is your car being transported through different climates? Does it need to be shipped through mountain roads, or perhaps taken from a snowy climate and into the sunny south? This type of transport service provider needs familiarity with these types of logistics for success, and only a car shipping company with a vast network of carrier support can get jobs like this done on a regular basis. 

A couple checks reviews on their laptop.

Reviews are Crucial

In this day and age, it goes without saying that you should check out reviews before partnering with a service and entrusting them with something as significant as your vehicle. 

Auto transport company reviews help you verify several things, beyond just finding the best car transport company. For example, auto transport reviews can help you verify whether a car shipping company is legit. 

There are types of scams out there, regardless of industry. There are certainly scammers who pose as car shipping companies. When checking auto transport company reviews, you will be able to see for yourself whether or not the services they are promoting are trustworthy. 

And yes, you can verify whether a review itself is legitimate or not. Take your search a bit further and check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB) best-rated auto transport companies. The BBB presents its own rating, as well as individual reviews, to help you better understand how a particular business operates with its customers and partners. This information can be very advantageous when comparing auto transport companies. 

Further, the best auto transport companies will post their reviews in a place where they are easy to find. This is an indicator that this particular car shipping company takes itself seriously and proudly stands by its reviews. Again, everyone’s situation is unique, but checking auto transport company reviews is an excellent indicator of what options make the most sense for you. 

One thing to do is look for reviews that speak to your situation. Whatever the factors and considerations that are going into your vehicle transport, look for similar details in the auto transport reviews.

Free Quotes Mean Business

If a car shipping company doesn’t offer free quotes, then this is a red flag. When comparing auto transport companies, it is in your best interest to get free quotes from those that look good to you. 

Free quotes not only let you know where you stand with a particular auto transport company, but they also demonstrate that there are no hidden fees. They put everyone on the same page from the get-go. This is an indicator of the very best auto transport companies, because they are trying to do honest business and keep their customers and partners in the know at all times.

At National Transport Services, we can proudly say we are the best auto transport company for many reasons. In addition to proudly sharing our reviews, and having a vast network of carriers that we partner with around the country, we encourage you to get a free quote and see the benefits of working with us. 

We welcome the opportunity for our customers to compare auto transport companies, because at the end of the day, they choose us.

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