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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car From California to Texas?

Need to Ship a Car from California to Texas? 

The western United States is varied in its landscape which makes for beautiful driving, whether simply going for a spin or tackling a family road trip. However, distances from place to place (or state to state) can be vast, and perhaps the road trip is not in your favor. Or sometimes, you want to get where you are going, but still have access to your car.

For example, the drive from California to Texas would be about 20 hours on average. Certainly they are both large states, and so this average time has some flexibility on either end, but there is no denying that a road trip this distance would take effort, planning, and (likely) some frequent caffeine stops. 

But just because you are wanting to take your vehicle with you from California to Texas doesn’t mean that driving is your only option. Have you considered shipping your car from California to Texas? If this is not something you typically do (for instance, maybe you aren’t one who snowbirds along with your vehicle every winter), then you might be under the assumption that shipping a car from California to Texas is out of the question, or perhaps comes affiliated with luxury costs. 

While shipping your car from California to Texas is certainly a luxury in and of itself, it doesn’t come with luxury prices. That being said, it is difficult to nail down the average cost to ship a car. This is because there are many variables to consider.

What to Consider When Shipping a Car from California to Texas 

The process of shipping a car from one place to another is not a one-size-fits-all process. For instance, if you are shipping a car in an open carrier during the off months you will be spending less than if you were to ship a vintage vehicle in an enclosed shipping parcel that requires special assistance. Shipping your vehicle in an enclosed container, keeping it safe from the elements and more tightly secured is certainly going to add cost, but if you have a high-end luxury vehicle, or a classic car, then this might be worth it to you for security and peace of mind.  

It is important to note that factors such as make, model, and size all play a role in the average cost to ship a car from California to Texas or another state, regardless of distance. On one hand, common averages might put the cost between $500 or $1,000, but depending on the type of vehicle and the final distance, you might be looking at more like $1,500. 

With both states being so big, and the uniqueness of your vehicle being a main consideration with the cost, it is worth getting a quote so you can be sure where you fall. Similarly, getting a quote and inputting your information will also give you a more accurate sense of how long it will take to ship your car from California to Texas. 

It’s Simple to Ship a Car From California to Texas

Vintage yellow car in private carrier trailer. Will Ship a Car from California to Texas

Whatever your reason to ship a car from California to Texas, the process is simple. Once you get your quote and nail down your details (such as pick up and drop off locations), you can book our service, and the rest is in our hands. 

We pick up your vehicle, which makes it easier than ever for you. No worrying about securing another ride or getting your vehicle to a designated spot. We will come to you, and even inspect the vehicle together so we both agree on the state of the vehicle before we move it. And when it comes to delivery, our driver will be in touch with you 24 hours before drop off, establishing an accurate location and timeframe, making it as easy as possible to unload your vehicle to you.

Peace of Mind

Get to where you are going faster and in comfort, while we handle the delivery of your vehicle. Remove the stress of driving such a far distance, and then enjoy the comfort of having your vehicle with you at your final location. 

While the average cost to ship a car from California to Texas varies from make to model to distance, there is no question that when it comes to shipping a car from California to Texas, much of the cost can be attributed to peace of mind, which is ultimately priceless. 

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