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Does eBay Ship Cars? Auto Shipping Guidance for eBay Purchases

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If you are an online shopper (and let’s face it, who isn’t these days) then you have probably noticed that peer-to-peer buying and selling continues to become increasingly popular. 

This is largely due to better technologies and additional transparency. It seems that anything can be purchased directly online, and people are more comfortable with the process.

Even buying or selling a car through eBay has become a common way to get a new vehicle. From not having to deal with auto salespeople on a sales lot to not being limited by vehicle selections at a single lot or dealership, there are many benefits to purchasing a car online.

And because sellers are verified and transactions are protected, people trust sites like eBay with their vehicle purchase. In fact, some buyers even prefer this approach. They can easily work through real-time comparisons and see relatable reviews, providing them additional knowledge about their purchase. 

But the purchase is only one aspect of acquiring or sending a vehicle through eBay. The other is having the vehicle shipped to you, or you shipping the car to its new destination. Like online vehicle purchasing, car shipping services have grown in popularity, with more and more people shipping their vehicles for one reason or another. 

After all, car shipping companies have made the process easy and convenient, not unlike the process of purchasing a vehicle on eBay. That’s why the two go hand in hand.

If you are considering purchasing a vehicle on eBay or maybe selling your vehicle through this peer-to-peer retail space, then you might also be considering avenues for having the vehicle shipped. You’ve probably recently asked yourself “does eBay ship cars?” or perhaps, “does eBay have a shipping company for cars?”

Does eBay Motors Ship Cars? 

While eBay facilitates the transaction and transfer of a vehicle to a new owner, it does not directly ship the cars. eBay partners with a shipping service known as uShip, a platform through which auto transport companies and carriers can compete for business in an environment focused on fair-market rates. 

However, these precise costs are always decided on the terms of the transaction. It is common that the buyer will pay for the shipping costs, for example.

These potentially major changes in price from one listing to the next are especially important to keep in mind. If an eBay listing from a private seller seems like an excellent deal and promotes free shipping, it might be an auto scam. It is more common to see large companies or organizations providing free shipping services to customers. 

But in all of these situations, it is still up to the buyer and the seller to navigate the details of shipping the vehicle from one place to another. And because of this, it is worth exploring which auto shipping company best suits your needs. 

Whether you’re paying for auto transport or it’s the responsibility of the other party, having an auto shipping business you can trust is important. Even if your money isn’t on the line, you’ll want the transaction to conclude smoothly. That can only happen with a successful delivery.

Since eBay does not ship cars for free, and nor does eBay ship or hold cars, the question then becomes “How am I going to find an auto transport company that meets my needs?” The answer is simply choosing a partner that works for you.

Auto Shipping Companies Should Meet Your Needs

If you are buying a vehicle on eBay, then you have enough to consider without needing to worry about the shipping logistics. Sure, the fact that eBay does not hold or ship cars might seem like a hurdle in your purchasing ability, but this is not the case at all. There are plenty of auto transport companies out there, and one can get your car from point A to point B without you having to think twice about it. 

If you are purchasing a classic vehicle, for instance, then you want to make sure that this valuable antique will be protected during shipping. In this case, the service that you partner with needs to provide options for covered carriers.

If you’re purchasing a standard daily driver, however, then a covered carrier may not be that important. Modern cars hold up well to exposed transport, and that option can save you money on the delivery. The key is to find a partner for auto transport that can meet your needs, not just offer popular options.

Additionally, when having a car shipped, there are logistical factors to consider. You likely have a schedule to keep in mind. Whether you need the vehicle by a certain time, or it needs to be delivered to a specific place, a clear timeline is important.

For these reasons, it is important to identify the factors that will matter to you most when shipping your car, and include these factors standards in your search criteria. In this way, it is almost beneficial that eBay does not ship cars directly, because it empowers you to customize your approach and find an auto transport provider who can meet you where you stand. 

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