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Enclosed Auto Transport: The Highest Level of Protection There Is!

Semi truck with enclosed trailer. Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Car Hauling Services

If you’re looking for a tried and true way to protect your car, look no further than enclosed auto shipping. This method of enclosed car shipping is the best choice when it comes to moving high-end vehicles across long distances.

By keeping cars completely secure within an enclosed trailer during transit, functionality and pristine condition are guaranteed from start to finish. So if safeguarding those special rides or luxury cars against potential damage along their journey is important. Opt for insured enclosed car shipping today!

Professional drivers for a safe journey.

Are you considering a long journey for your car, but find yourself hesitant for the safety of it? You no longer have to worry! Professional and experienced auto transport services will ensure that your vehicle remains secured in an enclosed trailers, keeping you stress free from start to finish and gaining you peace of mind along the way.

Your car’s security has to be priority number one. Don’t compromise on safeguarding what matters most to you. Only use the best auto transport drivers that can establish trust and satisfaction in equal measure.

The enclosed car transport service is more affordable than you think!

Whether you’re planning to transport your family’s valued classic car or coordinate with a corporate group, enclosed auto transport is the sensible and reliable way to get the job done. There are those who trust their own eyes and attempt one of many DIY alternatives, but none can quite compare when considering quality assurance and reliability when using enclosed car shipping companies.

Enclosed car shipping companies offer safe passage for your coveted vehicle, shielding it from weather elements and dangerous of road conditions. Beyond ensuring cushioning and privacy benefits, understand that an enclosed shipping option may actually be more affordable than initially presumed. Make sure to investigate reputable sources with regard to this form of auto transport!


Man standing alone on top a mountain. Enclosed carriers can move vehicles with low ground clearance, high value vehicles by using a hydraulic lift gate.

Get the Most out of Your Enclosed Car Transport Experience.

Are you looking to transport your precious automobile? Enclosed car transport is a great option, as it offers increased protection while providing secure, reliable delivery. Before you choose an enclosed auto transport company, remember to take the time to do your homework and get informed. Gathering multiple quotes and reading reviews are key in making a great decision.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember to take proper inventory before accepting the service. Make sure both you and the provider are aware of any pre-existing damage so that any dents or dings after shipping can be completely accounted for. When you have enough information and feel confident in your selection, you’ll benefit from peace of mind that your extraordinary vehicle can ship safely and in pristine condition!.

Pictures and insurance are essential when shipping your car!

When it comes to enclosed car shipping companies, knowledge and preparation are essential to getting the most out of your service. Before handing over your keys, be sure to take plenty of pictures as proof and ensure that your coverage is in order. Additionally, take the time to confirm that all paperwork related to your enclosed car transport has been properly filled out.

These extra steps can help you get the best possible value from your enclosed car shipping experience. So don’t forget them! Lastly, the final step is crucial: make sure sensitive information like insurance documents have been double checked for accuracy. Doing these things carefully can ensure a successful enclosure car shipping cost journey.




A public bus on a city street with heavy snowfall. Make sure to get enclosed car shipping for added protection from bad weather.

Protection from the Elements

If you’re in the market for vehicle transport, securing your car properly against the whim of Mother Nature is a must. Enclosed auto transport can provide the extra safeguard of protection that your prized car deserves while in transit. You want to ensure its safe and sound arrival exactly how it left.

The benefits here are clear: your invaluable investment, be it Modern Marvel or Vintage Rarity, will remain cocooned and guarded from rain, wind, snow and anything else adverse weather throws at it during transit. Enclosed car trailers offer superior peace of mind knowing that your vehicle’s collectability is accounted for.

Put simply these trailers represent the surest choice in ensuring that your valuable cargo will make its passage without any detrimental effects a more open form of auto transport could bring.


Protect your car’s exterior and interior with our enclosed transport service.

Are you looking for a reliable shipping solution that ensures the highest level of care for your car? If so, then you should definitely consider using an enclosed car shipping companies service! This type of transport offers incredible advantages that traditional methods simply can’t match. It completely protects the interior and exterior of your vehicle from any road grime that could be potentially damaging during transit.

From the sun to extreme weather conditions, your car will arrive safe and securely in perfect condition thanks to this secure method of shipping. Moreover, there is no risk of theft or vandalism – leaving you feeling calm and confident of successful arrival in its new destination! Investing in enclosed auto transport therefore allows you to relax knowing your car is fully secure while on a long journey.



A black & white photo of a husband holding his wife from behind her as she holds his arms. Enclosed car carrier ships classic cars, luxury vehicles, exotic vehicles and provide top notch customer service.

Secure & Safe Travel

Enclosed auto transport provides ultimate security for your vehicle’s journey. When you choose an enclosed car transport company, you can have peace of mind that your vehicle is completely encased in a trailer with an alarm system and climate control.

This thorough protection buffer secures your ride from the hazards of the road, inclement weather, and intentional damage such as theft and vandalism. In addition, you can rest assured that your car or truck will be delivered to its destination in pristine condition with enclosed car transport!


Trust National Transport Services with enclosed car trailers.

Shipping a vehicle can easily stir up anxiety and cause a tumult of stress, but with enclosed auto shipping you can have the right kind of confident reassurance. No other delivery service out there offers up the same kind of insurance coverage, providing the type of surety that your cherished vehicle is undoubtedly safe from any outside weathering or physical accidents.

Choose professionals that offer enclosed auto transport for your vehicle. They’ll have it reached its final destination in time, so you don’t need to worry about where it is! These professional services are experienced in delivering cars all over the nation and guarantee satisfaction with their work.

Put your trust in an experienced team with enclosed auto transport services and they’ll get your car where you want it to go. Let professionals handle your cross-country driving hassles and experience the beauty of stress-free delivery!




An up-close picture of a padlock. Covered car transport is the safest option.

Enhanced Security

Are you looking for a dependable option to transport your vehicle? Have you considered Enclosed Auto Transport? With this method, we prioritize the safety and integrity of every transport, no matter its destination. The professional drivers with years of experience never miss a beat––we make sure we save your time and provide outstanding results. We strive to provide satisfactory services for every customer.

So if you’re planning car shipping your vehicle from point A until point B, there is nobody else experienced enough than us! Let us continue to serve and pick out enclosed auto transport as the exceptionally reliable choice for you.

Not only is your car guarded against harsh weather, debris and other environmental elements while it’s being transported, its highly developed safety system provides extra security measures outlining an extensive level of protection through unrelenting surveillance. So rest assured your pride and joy is in safe hands throughout its travel.


The best way to protect your car from the elements

Enclosed auto transport offers you the benefit of taking your car’s safety and security an extra mile. This type of auto transport ensures that your vehicle remains covered during transit, protecting it from anything hazardous or dangerous. With a fully enclosed trailer, you can trust that your vehicle won’t be exposed to any chemical fumes, dirt, sand, and other foreign items on the roads. As a result, your car won’t suffer cosmetic damage such as paint chipping, scratch marks from rocks, or even water exposure inside the trailer due to its insulation power. Put simply: with enclosed auto transport, your car will reliably arrive in the same condition it left!

Having a car enclosed in an enclosed trailer means it will have its own special space, blocked from dust, debris, and deteriorating weather conditions. It’s the perfect solution for those who are looking for something more secure than open trailers. So if you’re looking for ultimate security among your auto transport solutions, enclosed car shipping companies should be at the top of your list!


Rigid security gates and bolts for break-ins.

When it comes to enclosed auto transport, there is no room for taking chances. With rigid walls and gates, secured with superior bolts and industrial grade materials, enclosed auto transport service provides the highest security for your covered car ranging from GPS trackers of the trailer’s precise location to advanced security systems to protect break-ins.

At National Transport Services, exceptional quality assurance when it comes to the safety of your valuables is our top priority. A secure and safe delivery of your vehicle is our commitment to you. Our experienced team will ensure that during the shipping process, your valuable vehicles are in the hands of our capable team throughout the duration from pick up, in transit and until drop off at its destination.

Trust us—you’ll have peace of mind knowing that every detail has been handled with precision and care. We strive for perfection when it comes to protecting and safely shipping your treasured items—we guarantee an unrivaled experience with National Transport Services. Get in touch today to find out more about our comprehensive enclosed car shipping cost and services.


Protect your investment with our reliable auto transport service.

If you’re looking for reliable auto transport services, enclosed auto shipping is a great option. You can trust that your vehicle is securely stowed away and protected at each step of its journey while contained within an enclosed trailer.

While safeguarded within the trailer, nothing can be lost or damaged during transit. In addition, these trailers feel your car the utmost security with reinforced straps and belts to lock your vehicle into place; it’s designed to provide incredibly safe auto transport. Look no further than enclosed shipping for superior protection!

Our experienced team offers enclosed shipping services to ensure everything runs smoothly and provides peace of mind knowing you are working with dependable professionals. We guarantee foolproof security of any asset entrusted to us, making closed car shipping a trustworthy option for customers around the world.



Man sitting on his sofa with his hand behind his head, relaxing. Enclosed car carrier can transport classic cars, exotic cars, luxury car, and sports cars.

Convenience & Comfort

***If you’re looking for extra convenience and comfort when transporting your vehicle, then enclosed shipping could be the perfect solution for you. It will take excellent care of your car due to its interior padding that serves to provide superior protection throughout the duration of the transport. Its dependable straps will securely hold your car in place while traveling which adds an additional layer of safety and assurance that’ll have you relaxed knowing that your car is safe and secure.

Plus, having an enclosed transport ensures your vehicle won’t be subject to shifting due to excess movement or external damage from unexpected impediments. This gentle yet highly secure process is necessary for protecting your car from potential harm along the journey. You can rely on the unrivaled quality of our enclosed auto transport services so that your car reaches its destination safely and securely.

Choose enclosed auto transport for the ultimate in vehicle protection.

Getting your vehicle from point A to point B doesn’t have to be stressful or filled with obstacle – that’s where covered car shipping come in. Ensuring a wheel to wheel solution, you can experience upmost convenience and comfort. What’s more, with a strategic placement of access points, the loading and unloading procedure is as stress-free an experience as one could wish for.

Additionally, with one safe mode of transport covering all of your particular needs, time and effort can both be considerably minimized while reliably protecting your automobile. Consequently, through employing such an effective system issue free transporting is just a trailer trip away! It is thus no surprise that the benefits of choosing a covered car shipping should not be underestimated.

These access points allow the user to inspect whatever items require inspection without having to expose the contents to outside elements, saving time and preventing unnecessary accidents caused by scrambling inside a trailer while it is offloaded onto a truck or vehicle. Whether one needs to take a quick look at whatever lies hidden beneath the shelter of the canopy or unload bulky items from inside, these access points come in handy from start to finish.



Auto transport drivers and enclosed car carrier must have an A rated insurance company.

Choose an Insured Motor Carrier.

Making an informed, confident selection of your motor carrier is key for setting up seamless enclosed car shipping service. When choosing who you want to partner with for your vehicle delivery needs, we recommend making sure that their cargo and liability insurance cover fits the bill.

A reliable service provider backs all deliveries with the proper protections; it’s important to note and ask any companies you’re considering. Thoroughly review a potential service provider’s insurance policies and make sure they’ll safeguard your car as required. You also don’t want to face any surprises should an unexpected incident occur– trust that your car shipping provider comes equipped with the necessary coverage!


Insured transport with proof of coverage.

When selecting an insured motor carrier, it’s important to grab hold of the facts. Ask for proof of their insurance policy so you know exactly what coverage your hard-earned money will provide. To ensure you’re taken care of in a worst case scenario, be sure their coverage meets and surpasses your needs.

Don’t gamble on companies running without proper coverage – save and invest your money confidently with reliable, experienced providers who put more thought and resources into not only protecting their business but yours too.



Two men shaking hands. Car transport companies must be licensed, bonded, and have full insurance coverage. Enclosed car carriers.

Make Sure the Company Is Licensed and Bonded.

When it comes to auto transport, you want to make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate company. That’s why you should always be on the lookout for companies that are licensed and bonded by the relevant authorities.

Ensure that the company is FMCSA-licensed to ensure the highest standards of service. Additionally, check that they’ve been bonded by the DOT – this ensures that any potential losses you incur due to delayed or damaged delivery will be recovered swiftly and in full. Taking these important steps before booking a shipment can save you tremendous time and hassle down the line, so always remember to look out for those all important licenses and bonds!


Licensed and bonded for your protection.

Choosing the right company for essential shipments can be a daunting decision. To ensure maximum protection for your vehicles being shipped, it’s important to determine if the company is licensed and bonded.

This vital step guarantees that the business follows all necessary policies and procedures as outlined by the appropriate governing body. It also provides a cushion of protection in case something goes wrong in transit and damages occur or shipments are lost―which provides peace of mind investing in your order.




A toy Budda with one hand on his cheek and smiling. Get peace of mind when you ship in an enclosed auto transport trailer.

Peace of Mind & Cost Efficiency

Enclosed transports offer exceptional peace of mind for your shipping needs. Your cars can rest easy, completely protected in a locked enclosed trailer as it travels from start to finish. No need to worry about potential damages or theft; your vehicles make the safe passage you expect, every time.


Enclosed car transport Services – the most secure and affordable way to move your vehicle.

What’s more, these types of covered car shipping solutions deliver greater cost efficiency for businesses and consumers alike. You only pay for services needed without additional extras or add ons.

Plus, surprisingly affordable rates are available so that everyone has access to the reliable service they need at a price that fits their budget. This winning combination of security assurances and financial affordability is why covered auto transport provide trustworthy, lasting results every time.


Save money on your next car transport.

At National Transport Services, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer customers cost efficiency and peace of mind through our auto shipping services. Not only is this method pocket friendly but it affords you the much needed assurance knowing that your vehicles are being tended to by a reliable company.

Moving vehicles quickly and efficiently with the traditional open car shipping trailer presents multiple advantages for car transport. This is especially valuable for those who must adhere strictly to tight deadlines, as these trailers exist abundantly in locations around the U.S..

Their convenience lies in their ability to handle larger inventories, allowing significant time savings on longer journeys when accommodating what is usually a substantial number of vehicles. Utilizing an open transport moreover eases the planning process, since opting out of enclosed transport opens up the availability timeline to suit your needs most suitably.


Safe, smooth auto shipping for businesses and consumers alike.

Here at National Transport Services, we understand special auto shipping requirements necessitated by businesses and consumers alike are the up most importance! Getting from point A to Point B smoothly is our priority so you feel comfortable now knowing that making the right choice for your shipments have lots of complimenting benefits towards achieving a successful and timely delivery!



$1.03 in change and a few dollars rolled up. Car shipping fees like extended insurance coverage. Enclosed car carriers.

Look Out for Other Fees & Charges.

Choosing the right enclosed auto transport company helps reduce costs associated with enclosed car shipping. But it’s important to always read the Terms of Service included in any agreement before signing – it can save you a lot in the long run! Smaller fees and charges may be included which could quickly add up without you knowing. On top of that, some agreements could be more binding than expected.


Protect your pocketbook from irresponsible transport tactics.

Thankfully, you can protect yourself by fully reading through their Terms of Service and ensuring you completely understand all that is included within the quote before signing anything.

Don’t risk getting caught off guard; read and know what you’re committing to ahead of time. Trust in our experience as we urge potential customers to stay vigilant when it comes to protecting your pocketbook from irresponsible tactics.


Get an accurate quote before you transport.

There are many unexpected costs related to car transport you might not be aware of up front. Fuel surcharges, port fees, and hazard fees are a few examples of these expenses. Top loading fees are an additional cost to take into consideration if they apply in your situation.

Finally, it’s worth exploring any potential extra insurance charges that could be included in the total cost. All of these associated fees may or may not be communicated up front, so it pays to investigate and look out for other hidden costs throughout the process.




A group of friends in discussion at a coffee shop. Go with enclosed car transport companies.

Check Reviews and Ask for Recommendations.

When looking for an enclosed shipping services, it pays to do your research. Consider well-established companies that have a proven record of successful delivery services. Additionally, it’s wise to take the time to examine third party review websites and see what others have said about the company in the past.

A few trusted sources include TrustPilot, Google, Yelp, and Facebook where you will find comments from users who have used similar services before. Asking friends and family members for their recommendations is also recommended when searching for an ideal transporter.


Save time and find the right transporter for you.

Taking an informed and calculated approach will save you valuable time and expense. Seek out advice from qualified experts in the industry like family, friends, or other professionals that can relate to your particular inquiry.

Tapping into the collective wisdom around you for recommendations is an effective way to narrow down the selection. Ultimately, this research saves you time and puts you one step closer towards finding a reliable enclosed auto transport companies who knows how to deliver.



A photo of a 1950s Cadillac grille. Classic vehicle shipping. Enclosed car carrier.

Reliable Service

At National Transport Services, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service. With more than 30 years of experience in the logistics industry, you can trust us for reliable and secure auto shipping services.


Our team will take care of your car like it was their own.

Our experienced team will strive to always go above and beyond your expectations, meaning that when you choose us for a job, your satisfaction is guaranteed. With unquestionable professionalism and skill in our industry, you can feel comfortable knowing that your vehicle is in the very best hands.


The most reliable enclosed auto transport service.

At National Transport Services, we don’t compromise on reliability or trustworthiness—we will always exceed any expectation of quality one might have. Our unparalleled commitment to customer service ensures that we make sure you get the high performance you expect without fail each and every time!


National Transport Services: The industry leader in safe, reliable transportation.

When it comes to reliable auto shipping services, National Transport Services stands out as an industry leader when it comes to quality, safety and customer satisfaction. Our qualified personnel utilize the latest technology for vehicle deliveries and take immense pride in their work.

We have implemented rigorous training initiatives for our staff so that we are always prepared for any contingency. This ensures that every delivery is safe, secure and on time–every single time!


The most dependable enclosed auto transport in the business.

We heed your concerns and recognize that trust is earned when placing the responsibility of safely shipping vehicles in enclosed trailers for you. At National Transport Services, dependability strikes at the midst of all we do with fast, precise service from our research and development operations to the completion of deliveries constantly striving to exceed expectations. Accordingly, we pledge commitment in providing you with Unparalleled Reliable Service.



Enclosed Car Shipping is the Best Option

No matter what kind of vehicle you need car shipping from one place to another, choosing an covered car transport service is always the safest option available. With better security features than open transport methods as well as improved comfort levels during transit time, there’s no doubt that this type of service is one worth considering when thinking about transporting your cars!

At National Transport Services, we have more than 30 years’ experience providing reliable and secure auto shipping services of all kinds. Vehicles—from luxury cars and vintage classics to fleets of corporate executives’ cars—and we take great pride in delivering top-notch results every single time. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and make sure your vehicle transport is done safely!


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