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How Do I Transport An Exotic Car?

A man drives a luxury convertible.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of an exotic car. Putting those keys in the ignition and feeling the engine hum is satisfying, and even more so when you take it on the open road.

Some people prefer classic cars because they like that heavy, vintage feel. These antiques attract the eyes of onlookers everywhere, inspiring memories of a time when the road trip was the ideal American summer pastime.

Other people prefer their luxury vehicles to be brand new, as they like the efficiency and responsive handling a new vehicle provides. Additionally, modern luxury vehicles are equipped beyond a smooth ride.

From excellent stereo systems to top-notch safety features, they are a pleasure to drive and ride in. You want your luxury vehicle to be with you wherever you go. Does it make more sense to drive, or look into luxury car transport?

Let’s break it down.


Exotic Car Transportation

There are all sorts of benefits to transporting your luxury car, regardless of why you might be wanting to relocate it in the first place. If you are planning a trip down south for the winter, for example, then you’ll probably want your convertible luxury car with you. After all, why have a convertible if you can’t enjoy the sunshine?

But driving a long distance is less than appealing, especially when all you want to do is get out of the cold. Instead of planning out a road trip, booking hotels, and considering food stops along the way, you should consider exotic car transport services. This option continues to be popular, and the market for it is expected to grow by 3.4% yet again this year.

By taking advantage of exotic car transport services, you can leave the hassle of travel by the wayside. Start enjoying your southbound trip immediately. From scheduling to logistics to carrier specifics, you can leave the details to the professionals. They’ll make sure your car is where you want it to be, when you want it to be, at no inconvenience to you.

Enclosed Exotic Car Transport?

A couple drives in an exotic car at sunset.

If you are considering luxury car transport for your convertible, then it goes without saying that you should be looking into enclosed exotic car transport services. Enclosed exotic car transportation is just what it sounds like. Your luxury or classic vehicle will be protected from the elements during transport.

A common misconception when it comes to luxury car transportation is that you have to have a convertible to take advantage of enclosed exotic car transport services. This is not the case. Some people prefer to rely on enclosed exotic car transport simply to add further protection for their luxury vehicle.

After all, for many people, their ride is an extension of their personality. If you have a classic car or a luxury car that you identify strongly with, then perhaps that added level of protection is worth it.

Additionally, enclosed exotic car transport also keeps your vehicle away from prying eyes. When using standard luxury car transport services, it is common that all of the vehicles will be fastened to the carrier in plain sight. You have probably seen these haulers on the highway.

This is a perfectly safe and reliable method for transporting your luxury vehicle (it’s been proven time and time again). However, by utilizing an enclosed transport for your exotic car, your vehicle will be safely secured and hidden from view.

Having an enclosed exotic car transport is also helpful if you are going to be storing items in your vehicle during transit. There are many people who feel that putting items in their trunk when shipping their vehicle is a way to knock out two birds with one stone. It’s certainly a possibility, but it also comes with additional considerations.

For instance, if you are going to transport your luxury car with items inside of it, then make sure they are securely fastened. After all, the last thing you want is to have loose items rolling around in your vehicle during transit.

Additionally, know that weight of the vehicle will factor into the overall exotic car transport cost. So while this might be a convenient option, don’t expect to be able to simply sneak these items into the trunk.

Speaking of exotic car transport costs, what else factors in?

Exotic Car Transport Costs

There are many factors that play a role in establishing the final cost of transporting an exotic car. For instance, if heading south for the winter, how far are you intending to go? Are we talking half a day’s drive? Or, perhaps you are crossing several state lines and it is going to take three days to get your vehicle from point A to point B.

This distance matters, as does the weight of your vehicle. If you decide to secure an enclosed exotic car transport service, and load your trunk with your winter’s needs, then you can expect the exotic car transport costs to be higher than if you went with a standard carrier.

There are some additional considerations as well, but it ultimately comes down to you and your vehicle. You want to get your vehicle someplace else, and driving is out of the question. This is why National Transport Services provides free auto shipping quotes, regardless of the type of vehicle or the distance you are looking to transport it.

A lack of price transparency shouldn’t be an obstacle to having your luxury car transported safely and on time. Do yourself a favor and get a free quote to see where you stand today.

Ship an Exotic Vehicle

The process to start shipping your exotic vehicle can be simple with support from National Transport Services. We can help you get your luxury car where it needs to be and when you need it to arrive, making it convenient for you and allowing you to enjoy more of your trip.


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