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Moving a Car Across Country? Read This First

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Moving a Car a Long-Distance?

There are many reasons why you might need to move your car across the country. Whether you’re going on a much-needed long vacation or relocating for that much-deserved promotion, there are times when making the drive might not be worth it.

In these instances, many car owners feel like moving a car across the country is better than driving their car. This decision comes down to specifics: the feelings of each car’s owner, the circumstances of the move, and additional factors such as weather or urgency.

Regardless of your moving situation, one thing is for sure: people love their cars, as Statista explains. So, auto transport companies have made it easy for people to set aside the logistics and concerns of moving a car from one place to another.

If you’re moving your car to another state, or perhaps coast to coast, there are some considerations to be aware of. Let’s break down some of these factors. Then, we’ll share more useful information about moving a vehicle services and how they could benefit you.


Know Your Purpose: Why Are You Shipping a Car?

There are all kinds of car shipping services, and some might be more right for you than others. The bottom line is to pick a car shipping company that caters to your needs.

For example, if you’re on a deadline and need a car moved across the country by a particular time, be sure to make that clear to your auto transport company. This might seem like an obvious detail, but if a car shipping company doesn’t have great customer service, it might be more difficult to communicate this.

Knowing your purpose, and communicating that purpose to your cross-country car transport service, will make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Your car will be delivered to your intended delivery location by your requested delivery date, but only if the lines of communication are open as part of a transparent overall process.


Know Your Options: Open or Enclosed Transport?

Convertible on an open road next to the sea.

Just as your purpose for moving your car across the country is unique, your options can be as well. After all, not everyone has the same type of car. From brand-new pickup trucks to classic coupes, different vehicles have different needs.

If you have a classic convertible, then you likely want a cross-country auto transport service that provides enclosed carriers. Enclosed carriers can protect a vehicle from the elements while in transit. However, the cost to ship a car in an enclosed carrier can be higher than shipping in a standard open-air carrier. The reason for this largely comes down to space.

Enclosed carriers can transport fewer vehicles at a time, which makes these spots slightly more expensive overall. For the most part, an open-air carrier will get the job done. Unless your vehicle needs added protection, cross-country car shipping on a standard carrier should serve your purpose nicely.


Know Your Cost: Take Into Account All Factors That Can Effect the Quote.

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Obviously, there are a variety of factors that play a role in car moving costs. The type of carrier, as mentioned above, will inform this cost, but not by itself. Distance is another factor when it comes to setting car moving costs, and an obvious one.

So what else can play a role when it comes to how much it costs to move a car across the country? In some instances, the size of your vehicle can play a role. For example, if you have a large vehicle that weighs more than others and takes up more space on the trailer, this could factor into your final shipping cost.

Timelines can also play a role. If you need a car moved across the country in a hurry, then you can expect that your price might reflect this rush delivery. And car shipping costs are only one aspect of the larger picture.

For example, if you’re shipping a car, are you going to fly to your destination? If you’ll be without your car for a few days, will you rent a car to move around in the meantime?

Knowing the full scope of your budget and all of the cost considerations can help you nail down the right service that meets your needs.


Move a Car With National Transport Services Today!

We understand that there’s plenty of stress when planning a cross-country trip. We can ease much of that stress by handling the logistics and details of getting your vehicle to your destination, safe and sound.

Additionally, you should know where you stand before the process even begins, which is why we offer free shipping quotes. There’s enough to consider without wondering what the ultimate cost will be. By getting a free quote ahead of time, you can start to navigate the other details with confidence, and make the choices that are right for you.

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