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There are many reasons for snowbirds to use auto transport services. Whether you are a regular snowbird yourself, or perhaps are considering taking advantage of a sunny winter for the first time, there is much to consider when it comes to relocating for the cold months. And the logistics of what snowbirds do with their cars is not something you want to worry about when you are planning for a relaxing winter down south.

While some reasons might seem more obvious than others, it all comes down to:

  • Personal preference
  • What snowbird car transport means to you
  • How snowbird transport can benefit your unique situation

Before we get into the reasons for snowbird auto transport, let’s break down more clearly what precisely it means to be a snowbird.



Snowbirds head south for the winter to avoid the cold weather and enjoy some sunshine and simplicity of life during the winter months. This term once applied to retirees and those who were able to take the winters off. However, this is no longer the case.

As more and more people are working in remote situations, and have more flexibility with their jobs, there are an increasing number of people taking advantage of the idea of snowbirding for the winter. And who can blame them?

Additionally, it was once common that a snowbird had a common destination to head to year after year. Many owned winter homes or had a recurring lease as a part of a co-op or other agreed-upon ownership. But thanks to services like Airbnb and others, there are many options for people not only in terms of location, but also in terms of length of stay. This has made the snowbird option more appealing, and accessible, to a great many people.

But with so many people taking advantage of the situation, it begs the question: What do snowbirds do with their cars? Well, many snowbirds rely on auto transport services to have their car shipped down to meet them. And here are a few of the reasons.

Picture of yellow road sign near cactus that says “Snowbird season ahead”.



There is no question that snowbird auto transport services save you time in all sorts of ways. After all, you can get to your warm destination at your convenience, and not worry about having to stop for gas, finding a hotel along the way, dealing with other snowbird traffic, or any other logistical highway consideration.

But snowbird auto transport services also save you time in the planning stages as well. When you are planning out your trip and deciding details such as when you will leave, how long it will take to get there, and so on, you can forget about having to choose hours based on driving time. This means you are freed up to focus on the other details, of which there is always plenty to consider when snowbirding.


Snowbirds understand that where the sun is shining, smiles aren’t far behind. And so not only do they want to get to where they are going in a quick amount of time, but they also want to start enjoying themselves right away.

Relaxing in transit, knowing that your vehicle is safely being transported, without having to sit behind the wheel for hours, enables you to start enjoying your snowbird experience from the moment you decide to take advantage of it. Let’s face it, convenience comes with enjoyment.


Driving your vehicle south for the winter months makes a lot of sense, but remember the reason you are snowbirding in the first place is because of the inclement weather near wherever you’ve typically lived full-time. Therefore, the roads are going to be crummy – and potentially unsafe – for a good chunk of your drive. This can be avoided with snowbird auto transport services. Let your car meet you where the roads are clear and the sun is shining.


When you think of snowbirding, you think of warm weather and relaxing sunshine. And this is true even if you are relocating and still working through the winter. Just the idea of being in a warmer climate enables you to relax. But this relaxation also means much to consider, such as packing what you will need for such an extended period, among other factors.

The logistics of getting your vehicle to your destination should not be something that occupies your mental space or provides unnecessary stress. Snowbird auto transport services make it so that snowbirds like you don’t have to think twice about their vehicle, and can rest assured that it will be there waiting for them when you need it.


These are only four of the many reasons why snowbirds use auto transport services. If you are considering taking advantage of snowbird auto transport, it is worth getting a free quote to find out where you stand. After all, snowbird auto transport does not come with a one size fits all cost.

There are many factors to consider, such as the distance the car needs to be transported, as well as the type of vehicle you have. If you have a convertible, for example, then it is likely that you will want a transport carrier that is enclosed so your vehicle stays protected from the elements.

These types of considerations and more are what help inform your snowbird auto transport costs, as well as tailor a service that meets your unique needs. Looking to read other snowbird auto transport reviews who’ve used our service? Check out our reviews page!

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