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Things to Know About Last Minute Car Shipping

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Last minute car shipping scenarios arise, whether they are by choice or necessity. Perhaps you are moving across the country because of a new job, but it requires you to start packing right away. On the other hand, you might have decided that you have had enough snow, and you are headed for a warmer climate pronto. Or it could be for another reason entirely, but it brings up the question, what do you do with your vehicle?

Car shipping is an easy option, and removes the stress from the decision-making process, not to mention the logistics of the move. And if you are new to car shipping, you might be wondering if expedited car shipping is a thing, or if it is even an option. The answer, to both questions, is yes. Last minute car shipping is an option that many people all over the world take advantage of because sometimes, moving your vehicle is the last thing you want to think about.

However, once you have decided that expedited car shipping is the path you want to pursue, there are a few things to know, and even a few things that you might want to do to make sure that the process goes as smoothly (and quickly) as possible.


Work With the Best Last Minute Car Shipping Company

Sure, it sounds obvious, but when you are in a rush, you need someone who can not only meet, but exceed your expectations. There are enough moving parts in a last minute move to keep your mind occupied. Stress over your vehicle does not have to be one of them. So, how do you know who the best car shipping company is? Check out the reviews.

There are many car shipping companies who claim to be the best, but reviews will reveal all. You want to make sure a company’s delivery service is as good as their customer service. If you have a concern or a problem (especially in such a tight timeline) you want to speak to someone who knows what they are doing and is happy to take care of you, regardless of what the issue or concern might be. 

The Best Last Minute Car Shipping Company is Not Necessarily the Nearest Car Shipping Company

You might think that a car shipping company needs to be located close to you to make sure all goes according to plan. That is not the case, and in fact, it won’t make the process any faster. For instance, National Transport Services is a broker, not a carrier, which means we work with delivery carriers all over the country on behalf of our customers. Regardless of where your vehicle starts and where it ends, we can make it happen, even if it is a last minute car shipping senario. We find carriers that are the best in the area and we partner with them to move your vehicle. In this way, our business isn’t based on location, but reputation. 

Prepare Your Vehicle for Car Shipping

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Last minute car shipping can make your travel simple and effective, but there are a few items you need to make sure and take care of before dropping your vehicle off (or having it picked up). These include such things as cleaning your car. Why is this necessary for car shipping? For a few reasons. Firstly, you will want to take pictures of your vehicle before it ships so that you can have a record of any possible damage that occurred (or didn’t occur) during the trip. If your car is clean, it is much easier to spot dents or dings. 

But you should clean the inside of your car as well. For one thing, you don’t want to leave valuables in the vehicle that might get stolen. On the other hand, if things are loose in the vehicle while it is being transported, they could break or cause damage to the vehicle.

How Far Ahead of Time Should You Ship Your Car?

Last minute car shipping doesn’t always mean “day of,” which would be tricky. Depending on your timeline, it is worth having a discussion with the car shipping company about the optimal timeline for pickup and transport. For instance, are you going to need your vehicle right when you arrive at your new destination? If you need your car for work, then this might be the case. On the other hand, if you are going on vacation, you might be a bit flexible, and this could give you additional options. Talk to your car shipping company and figure out a timeline that works best for you.

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Even if you are dealing with last minute car shipping, it doesn’t mean you should forego getting a quote so you know where you stand. We offer free quotes so that you can approach us with confidence and know that you are getting a good deal, and great customer service. Get a free quote today and let’s get your last minute car shipping process underway.


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