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3 Important Tips for Exotic Car Transport

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3 Tips for Exotic Car Transport

There is much to consider when it comes to shipping a car, from logistics to cost to timeframes, and a great deal of other factors. However, are there more or less considerations when it comes to shipping an exotic car? While many people assume that exotic car shipping is a process that requires much more planning and cost, this is not necessarily the case. 

Sure, exotic car transport means your extoic vehicle will need to be cared for and transported in a way that an everyday vehicle might not have to consider as much, but this doesn’t make it out of reach. Obviously, shipping a Lamborghini convertible comes with more considerations than shipping a Honda Accord, but that’s why it is important to turn to the professionals, so you don’t have to think about the logistics or particular details. 

That being said, there are certainly things you can do on your end when preparing for exotic car transport. Here are three tips to consider when looking into exotic car shipping, especially if you have not shipped your exotic vehicle before. This is by no means a complete list of all considerations that need to be made, but it does provide some insight and helps put you in the right frame of mind for exotic car shipping. 

1. Check Exotic Car Transport Reviews

Just because an auto transport company offers exotic car transport services, this doesn’t mean that they are the best provider for you and your exotic vehicle. After all, all exotic vehicles are not the same. From manufacturing year to style to purpose, the details of your vehicle will play a role in deciding the best approach for exotic car transport. 

Reviews will help provide accurate insights into the auto transport company. You want to know more than whether a company can ship your vehicle, you want to know how their customer service is, and how flexible they are in unique situations, etc. Exotic car transport reviews will shed light on these factors and more. 

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2. There Are More Important Factors than Cost

Naturally, when considering an auto shipping company, you will look into their exotic car transport costs. Depending on your exotic car, these costs will be higher than shipping an everyday vehicle, and for good reason. For instance, shipping a convertible Ferrari should be done in an enclosed carrier, so that your Ferrari isn’t exposed to the elements during transit. It is no secret that transporting a vehicle enclosed is going to cost more than shipping the vehicle on an open carrier. And yet, there is also no question that this coverage is worth the cost. 

Additionally, you will want to look at the auto carrier’s policies when it comes to insurance coverage, or other details. For example, there are some auto carriers that you might consider because of location, as in they might have a headquarters in an area where you live. But there are auto transport providers (such as National Transport Services) who operate with carriers all over the country, putting you in touch with an exotic car transport carrier that makes the most sense for your specific situation. This means your options are unlimited when it comes to your exotic car transport service.

3. Plan Ahead 

It is true that all kinds of auto transport services (including high end auto transport services) have become more and more popular over the years. This means there are more options for individuals to find an auto carrier partner that meets their needs. However, this doesn’t mean you should wait until the last minute to nail down an exotic car transport provider. You should do your research and make your decision comfortably and confidently. 

For this reason, you should get a free quote and see where you stand. As mentioned, not all exotic vehicles are the same, and neither are the factors involved in your exotic car shipping situation. By getting a free quote and entering your specific information, you can have a more accurate view of whether a particular exotic car shipping partner is right for you. 

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