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Car Shipping Incentives

We have been in the logistics industry for over 30 years and have been shipping cars across the country since 2019. Our team has shipped tens of thousands of vehicles over the years, and we quickly learned that customers are always looking for car shipping incentives wherever they can. We know what works and we’re here to help you succeed in saving. We offer free car shipping quotes no matter if you’re buying or selling a vehicle. Below you will find three car shipping incentives. The benefits of using us.


 Price Lock Agreement (PLA)

  • The car shipping quote we provide you is the price you pay for car shipping needs. At NTS, we will price your car shipment correctly the first time. How does it work? If the information you initially provided us for the quote remains the same and if your original quote, we provided you, turns out not to be enough to secure a vetted carrier, we will supply up to $250 of our own money to ensure your vehicle is delivered.
  • PLA Stipulations:
    • PLA is valid for 7 days from the initial quote date.
    • The car shipping date must be within 14 days of the initial quote.
    • Any changes, including but not limited to the type of vehicle, car shipping dates, mechanical condition, or locations will void the initial quote. You will then be provided with a new quote backed by a new PLA.
    • PLA is not available for car shipping price matching. 

Free Car Wash

  • Receive a FREE car wash when you ship your car with NTS. A value of up to $20 per vehicle will be reimbursed as a complimentary car wash for using our car shipping services. Simply have your car washed within 48 hours from your delivery date and mail the receipt to our office at 8610 N. New Braunfels Avenue Suite 607 San Antonio, TX 78217 and we will mail your reimbursement check within 5 business days of receiving your receipt.


Military$35.00 w/ Proof of Service
First Responders$35.00 w/ Copy of Current Employment ID
Medical Personnel$35.00 w/ Copy of Current Medical ID
Student$25.00 w/ Copy of Current Student ID
Senior Citizens$25.00 w/ Copy of license
Return Customer$50.00 Proof of completed previous order
Multiple vehicles$50.00 Off every additional vehicle

Discounts are not stackable and can only be added once to any car shipping order that meets the requirements. The discount is deducted from the deposit. The discounted rate only applies after validation and cannot be added after the Terms of Service are signed and the initial deposit has been made.


  • A clear and legible government-issued ID, preferably a passport or driver’s license
  • A current Student Card or Member ID if you are a First Responder
  • An email from a .mil address is accepted for a military discount
  • Discounts are given as a credit on the deposit once valid proof of identity has been submitted
  • National Transport Services reserves the right to cancel any discounts should irregularities be discovered in the required documents. The customer will be responsible to pay the full price prior to the discount.
  • There is a minimum deposit amount that discounts cannot fall below. See your booking agent for details.

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