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When choosing a car transport  services company to ship your vehicle, it’s important to have options.

The option to receive a free quote helps you understand costs and pick the right path forward. And options for delivering your vehicle, from timeline to the type of car carrier, help you fit delivery into your schedule.

At National Transport Services, we take pride in providing plenty of options. We want our car transport services to meet the needs of as many customers as possible.


There are many reasons why you might need auto transport services.

One of the more popular reasons is bringing your car along as you head south for the winter. You can’t leave that convertible behind! Moving across the country and don’t want to or can’t drive your own car there? That’s another common reason to use car transport services.

Auto transport services aren’t limited to personal needs, either. As a business owner, you might need to relocate an entire fleet of vehicles, and need it done immediately.

Whatever your reasons for shipping your car, we have the solutions to help. We just need to understand a few things first, such as the type of vehicle you have and the pickup and dropoff points.

These two factors can usually kick off the process. They will likely inform whether you need enclosed car transport or open car transport services.

What’s the difference between those options? We’re glad you asked.

Open Transport Car Shipping Service

You have certainly seen an open car transport on the road before. If you spend a lot of time on the highway, you’ve probably seen quite a few.

That makes sense, considering our open transport car shipping service is our most popular shipping option. It’s the most common overall method of auto transport, too.

With this auto shipping service, 7-10 cars can be shipped at a time. That makes it not only the most practical option, but also the most cost-efficient. 

This cost efficiency works both ways. Open air car shipping containers are lighter than enclosed car transport carriers. That means they’re more fuel efficient as well, saving everyone money.

Open transport car carriers work with any type of vehicle, and can accommodate different sizes of vehicles also. Our open transport shipping services can facilitate more than only cars. We can ship your tractor if need be, or a large truck. We’re always focused on accommodating your needs. 

If you need to bring a vehicle from point A to point B, then National Transport Services open-air car shipping services can make it happen.


Enclosed Transport Car Shipping

Our enclosed transport car shipping services are another popular option. Your vehicle makes its journey in a fully enclosed trailer. Our customers often choose this option when they need some additional security.

For example, luxury car transportation services often use enclosed transport car shipping. If you’re shipping a classic vehicle or antique car, you want to protect your investment. Enclosed auto transport services can keep your vehicle out of sight and safe from the elements.

This higher level of security also means fewer cars can be transported per vehicle, as compared to an open auto transport service. And that means a somewhat higher cost. For especially valuable and collectible cars, it’s often worth the investment.

While standard car carriers take care to protect their cargo, sometimes traveling incognito is just the way to go. That’s especially true if your vehicle attracts a lot of attention.

Both open-air and enclosed auto transport shipping services will protect your vehicle, bringing it safely to its destination. It all depends on your needs, and the needs of your vehicle.





National Transport Services provides car shipping across the country, which means we can handle all terrains and timelines.

If you need a convertible shipped from Illinois to Florida this weekend, no problem. If you need a Jeep shipped to a remote destination, we’d like to know where. If you need a fleet of sedans in time for the upcoming company gathering, our team can make it happen.

How do we pull this off so efficiently? We work with car carriers all over the country, maximizing our resources and our auto transportation services network. This allows us to pick up your vehicle on short notice, then deliver it wherever it needs to be. 

Some car shipping companies work regionally. This limits the types of vehicles they work with and the types of terrain their carriers are suited for. By working with carriers coast to coast, we can handle it all, knowing what it takes to maneuver a city street or a mountain road. Rain or shine, we can deliver your vehicle on a timeline that works for your needs.

You’re choosing to ship your car across the country because it’s your most convenient option. We want to make sure the entire process is easy for all of our customers. From providing an initial free quote so you know where you stand to working around your schedule, we focus on your needs from the first conversation to the final delivery.

If you need your car picked up, we can facilitate that. Our customers love the convenience that comes with a pick up right at their front door. On the other hand, you might want to drop off your vehicle and meet the carrier personally. We can handle that, too.

Maybe you have a classic or antique car that you store away from your home. That’s no problem. As long as we have the proper paperwork and your go-ahead, we can pick up your vehicle from anywhere.

Either way, we encourage our customers to take photos of their vehicle before pick up or drop off. It’s unlikely that anything will happen to your vehicle. However, having photos can provide some additional peace of mind.

The auto transport service process should be simple. And the convenience of drop off or pick up doesn’t get much simpler.


If you’re shipping your car for work-related reasons, for example, then you likely have a lot on your mind ahead of your move. When you choose us as your auto transport services partner, it’s one less thing to worry about during an especially hectic time.

If you’re snowbirding through the winter — tired of this cold weather and feeling like cruising in the sunshine with the top down — then you don’t want to waste time getting somewhere warm. Board your plane, put your sandals on, and have your car arrive when it suits you.

No matter why you’re making a move, let someone else deal with all the logistics and hassles of auto transport. Whether you’re permanently relocating or just traveling while working remotely, having your vehicle delivered makes it that much easier.

Instead of worrying, turn to the professional car shipping services of National Transport Services.


Whatever your reason for shipping your car, we have the network and the auto shipping services to make it happen. Reach out to us today, get a free quote, and let us take the stress of shipping your car off your shoulders. That way, you can focus on getting to where you need to be.

Contact us. We’ll take it from here.

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