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Every car is unique. That means making some special considerations when it comes to maintenance and care, as well as classic car shipping options

You want to bring your ride from point A to point B while keeping it safe and secure. Classic car transport services offer critical protection and support that help keep these valuable vehicles safe.

Again, every classic vehicle is unique. That means classic car transportation services need to be flexible, accommodating a variety of makes and models.

At National Transport Services, we’ll help you find the best option to safely and securely transport your classic car. We connect you with our nationwide network of carriers and a variety of options for classic car shipping. That means we offer the very best service, every step of the way.


A vintage Ford pickup on a liftgate, getting loaded into an enclosed auto transport truck. Suppose you are interested in classic cars and are looking for a classic car shipping company. In that case, you have found the right place—National Transport Services partners with some of the nation's largest classic car dealerships and websites.

Classic cars can be everything from a valuable asset to a favorite possession. It’s only natural to look forward to working on, cruising around in, and showing off your vintage vehicle. Whether you’re with family and friends or fellow classic car fans, your vehicle is a conversation starter.

So, why not drive your classic car to your new destination? It can sound like a fun trip, but the reality is often less pleasant.

There are plenty of reasons to consider shipping your classic vehicle, including:


Restoring and repairing an antique car is a major accomplishment. You might work under the hood yourself or direct and fund the project. Either way, the goal is a great-looking and road-worthy classic car.

That doesn’t always mean your vehicle is ready for a major role in a marathon road trip. Especially when that’s just one part of a temporary or permanent relocation. When people consider shipping classic cars — or any car — it’s often because the larger move is a complex process.

You might need to ensure you arrive at your new location by a specific time. That could be because of a new job or many other obligations. Flying can make it a lot easier to meet that deadline and have time to spare. And the idea of driving, especially for a cross-country move, simply may not sound all that enticing.

Those are considerations made with a modern vehicle in mind. Consider all of the additional issues that could pop up when taking a classic car on a very long drive.

The view from inside an enclosed auto transport trailer where you can see two classic 1960s Chevrolet Corvettes. Shipping classic cars is where we got started, and we love collector and vintage car.

9 Reasons to use classic car transport

repairs and emergency maintenance

Take it from experienced classic car owners: myriad issues must be considered when taking an antique car on a very long trip. Don’t get stranded! Repairs and emergency maintenance for these cars can often take longer than average to complete due to the specialized knowledge and parts likely required. 

Furthermore, if unavoidable trouble should occur during your journey, you will likely be out of the way from handy help. A means of experienced classic car transport is strongly recommended for long-distance moves involving classic automobiles.


When driving a classic car for prolonged periods of time, there can be numerous extra issues to consider. The age of the vehicle may decrease the efficiency and dependability of once popular features like heating and air conditioning. This can present some challenges when it comes to making trips across great distances during both summer and winter in vintage cars. 

Now, modern vehicles offer plush, climate controlled interiors that are perfect for all season drives. With a classic car, though, keeping comfortable all year long is a tougher task!


If you’re considering taking a classic car on a road trip, there are more things to think about than just driving. Many vintage vehicles are more prone to overheating than today’s modern cars. That alone is an issue that needs to be addressed beforehand to maximize your safety and enjoyment on any drive. Looking into potential preventative measures or modifications could be vital to relieving any stumbling blocks. 

Knowing that you have taken the proper precautions and preparedness is essential. That’s where a professional classic car transport service company comes in: National Transport Services provides reliable carriers you trust. Eventually, considering all additional possibilities is critical for embarking on a successful move with your timeless vehicle.


If you’re going to drive your vintage automobile a long distance, there are additional issues to bear in mind. You can experience more noise and disruptions as part of the vehicle’s natural operation. All of this shouldn’t worry you — but if it does, you have an even safer option: classic car shipping companies! You won’t need to endure deafening engine sounds or car shudders for long periods with auto transport services. 

Instead, all you’ll land will be a vehicle delivered safely and securely to its desired destination. Plus, the car’s entire route is completely supervised, so you won’t have to worry. A professional auto transporting service also ensures reliable storage space throughout the voyage — making it easy to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your classic has been looked after in the best possible way.


Regarding shipping classic cars, taking a long drive can bring numerous additional issues. Imagine your vehicle sitting at a rest stop and attracting the wrong kind of attention or when parked overnight at lodgings. Consider calling classic car transport companies to save you from unwanted encounters and ensure the safe transport of your classic. 

Professional auto companies have combined experience and knowledge to get vehicles safely where they need to go. Transportation by an experienced auto transport company is sure to be hassle-free, so you can focus on enjoying the adventure ahead of you this time!

lower safety standards

Taking an antique car for a road trip comes with increased risk: Many of the safety standards from when your car was produced are likely to be lower than their counterpart today. To reduce the potential risks, you should consider transporting your car with a classic car transport company. 

When you work with professional classic car transportation companies, they provide industry-standard thoughtfulness and attention to ensure no damage occurs during transport. With years of experience and trusted history in reliable transportation services, they can ensure that even timeless classics reach their destination safely and securely. In turn, this reduces the probability of adverse safety outcomes while driving your vehicle on long distant trips.


If you’re thinking of driving a vintage automobile extremely far, think twice, there are a few essential things to consider. Older cars can struggle to achieve and maintain efficient and safe velocity over long drives. Using a classic car transport service company might be beneficial and even cost-effective for this kind of drive. 

With an auto transport company, your car will arrive safely at its destination without additional worries about speed issues because the vehicle carriers offer various extremely safe car shipping methods. Plus, no stress or wear is added to the car from making a long journey on its own! An auto transport company will ensure your vintage dream car arrives safely and journey-free.


Driving a classic car on a very long drive can be exciting, but consider these possible risks. Even with quality maintenance and restoration work, vintage cars are less reliable than modern vehicles. Critical concerns mean you should think twice before leaving on that cross-country road trip. 

An excellent way to avoid such problems is to have your classic car transported by a professional classic car transport company. Doing so removes the chance of any likelihood of malfunctions and makes sure help is at hand if ever anything wants awry. If a reliable travel experience is what you seek, having your classic car shipped is the way to go. Contact us today!

Fuel efficiency

Taking an antique car on a very long drive comes with its own challenges; modern vehicles usually have much better fuel economy than classic cars, equating to a more expensive trip. This could leave you frustrated and possibly worrying if your vehicle will make it the entire way. Luckily, there’s a simple and reliable solution – getting classic car transport companies to take your classic! 

Not only will they take the weight off your shoulders, but they’ll also be able to do so at a much more manageable classic car transport cost, removing the worry regarding wear on your vehicle. With their experienced truck driver who specializes in classic car transport, you can rest assured that your car will arrive in excellent condition.



With enough work, many classic or antique car can become dependable for daily driving in your local area. Or, they may be secured and stowed away except when there’s a car show or the weather is just right.

In either case, you’ve determined what kind of driving your antique car can stand up to. That probably doesn’t include a trip across multiple states or the entire country. Especially not when you have to meet a certain schedule or hit a tight deadline.

You could encounter bad weather, treacherous road conditions, and other obstacles at various points. There’s no way to be familiar with the entire route, either. That means it’s impossible to plan effectively around all of these issues.

A long-distance trip can put a lot of wear and tear on your classic car. Will you truly enjoy the trip? How much work will your car require after you reach your destination?

Classic car shipping companies help to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible. You don’t have to worry about putting more miles on the odometer. With an enclosed car transport option, you won’t have to worry about road debris scratching up a perfect paint job, either.

A happy customer is standing next to his classic pickup truck. Classic car transport is what we do best.


We mentioned this in the last section, but it’s worth highlighting again. Classic cars tend to attract a lot of attention. Most of the time, it’s someone attracted by the unique nature of the vehicle or a fellow classic car enthusiasts.

However, you always have to account for the possibility of vandalism, damage, and theft with a classic car. Because your vehicle stands out from most others, it can become an easy target for someone with nefarious motives.

Another happy client with his classic Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.

Even when it’s on an open trailer, a antique car is that much less accessible, keeping it safer. When inside an enclosed auto transport trailers, it’s impossible for anyone outside to determine the contents.

While the risks aren’t incredibly high in most areas, vandalism and theft can cause some serious problems. They’re two more reasons to use classic car transport services instead of driving your classic or antique car yourself.


Broadly speaking, our nationwide network of auto transport companies can handle just about any vehicle that a customer wants to transport.

There aren’t many restrictions when it comes to the general type of vehicle or its size. Do you have a 1970s Range Rover or another large vehicle that fits into the modern SUV category? Our carriers can safely transport it.

Do you have a full-sized classic car from an era when that meant an exceptionally large vehicle? We’ll bring your Cadillac Fleetwood 75, Chrysler New Yorker, or any other full-sized car where it needs to be.

Do you have a perfectly restored El Camino or Chevy C-10? We can collect and deliver vintage pickup trucks across the continental US.

Do you have an interest in vintage motorcyclesATVs, or farm equipment, as opposed to antique cars? We can still help. We’ve put a lot of effort into building relationships with a wide variety of carriers. That means we can find an option that works for you.

A satisfied client with his 1950s station wagon project. We provide door to door transport.


There are a lot of options when it comes to auto transport. You can broadly break them down into two categories:


A 1960s Shelby Cobra in orange with black racing stripes getting loaded into an enclosed auto transport trailer.

Classic car transport companies offer two major methods for carrying your vehicle: closed and open transport.

An open transport exposes your vehicle to the outside world while moving on a car carrier. This is a secure and effective option for new and used vehicles alike. However, classic car owners often opt for closed transport. This option offers additional protection from the elements and prying eyes.


Exactly when and where your vehicle is picked up and dropped off can have a significant impact on the overall classic car transport cost.

Deliveries to and from more isolated areas tend to be more expensive than pickups and deliveries in major cities, for example. And the time of year when you ship your car can influence the cost, too.

More broadly, having a flexible timeline for classic car transport can help save you money. A vintage vehicle likely isn’t the car you count on for regular driving each day. If you don’t need delivery at an exact time, it becomes easier to bundle cars together into a single shipment. That can cut down on your classic car shipping costs.

A grey 1996 Porsche 993 loading on an open car transport trailer.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Classic Car?

Each car shipping agreement differs from the next. Many factors will influence the final cost of your classic car transport. The type of transport you choose, the type of vehicle you own, and the distance between the pickup and dropoff locations are just a few examples.

The best way to get an idea of costs is through classic car shipping quotes. There are plenty of reasons to get a quote, from budgeting to ensure you can receive the type of service you want.

At National Transport Services, we make it easy to get a free, no-obligation quote. Our commitment to excellent customer service starts with helping everyone make an informed decision.

Ready to request your free quote and start planning for your classic car transport needs? Follow the link above. Want to learn more about classic car transport? Contact us to learn more about shipping your classic car!


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