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How do I Ship a Car Across the Country?


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Need to ship a car across the country?


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Getting accurate cross country car shipping quotes can be an intimidating prospect. That is why it is important to let the experts help you find the best solution for your car shipping, schedule, and budget. Our team of experienced representatives will provide you with specialized assistance to properly ship your car cross country. We are happy to provide quotes and bookings tailored to your car shipping needs so you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle shipment is in safe hands. With the right car shipping service provider and our assistance, you’ll have a stress-free car shipping experience – so let us help you ship your car across the country today! To start, get your no-obligation quote here


We dispatch a carrier and Pick Up Your Vehicle

We provide a reliable and secure car transport service so you can get cross country car shipping with ease. Our cross country car shipping service is perfect for those of you who need to transport a car cross country – simply let us know your desired pick-up date and location, and our experienced driver will arrive promptly at your chosen pick-up location. Together, you’ll inspect the vehicle shipment and then sign a Bill of Lading before they ship your car safely to its destination. We look forward to helping make your move stress-free by ensuring that the shipment of your vehicle is taken care of with professionalism and expertise!


We then Deliver your vehicle to your desired destination

With delivery on demand, moving a car across the country is easier than ever! We make sure that your driver contacts you within 24 hours of the delivery date to keep you up to date on their location. When they arrive at their destination, you will then get to inspect the vehicle and sign the Bill of Lading before officially taking possession of your car. At our auto transport company, we understand how important it is for cross country car transport to go smoothly, so we provide exceptional car shipping services coupled with quality processes in cross country car shipping for our customers.

We make cross-country car transport easy, reliable, and affordable.

shipping a car across the country made easy

If you’re looking to learn how to ship a car across the country, it can be difficult and time-consuming to do your research and find the right across the country car transport service. There are small car shipping companies and independent auto transport contractors conducting cross country car shipping in the United States, making it hard to know who you can trust to handle your auto transport needs. That’s why we’re here.

With years of experience in this specialized area, auto transport, we provide reliable solutions for all your car shipping needs – ensuring that you ship your car quickly without a hitch. Let us handle the work so that auto transport doesn’t have to be stressful or confusing.

At National Transport Services, we make sure you ship a vehicle across the country with ease. With years of expertise and reliable auto carriers, we will help you select the right type of auto transport.

Our car transport service offers end-to-end across the country car transport solutions that are secure and ensures your car arrives on time while meeting your budget requirements. Shipping a car has never been this accessible and safer! Allow us to take care of the hassle for you when it comes to cross country car shipping.

How Does Auto Transport Work, exactly?

To ship a car across the country is easier than you think.

Car shipping requires planning and knowledge. National Transport Services provides seamless planning, care, and convenience while shipping cars cross country. Car owners can expect reliable experts to take full ownership of the car transport process right from pick-up to delivery by ship or on the road with best-in-class customer service.

You need not worry about wasting valuable time and money with unknowns, as we have over three decades of trust in the logistics and car shipping industry to ensure your next across the country car shipping experience is smooth and stress-free.

Shipping a car across country is an increasingly popular way to get vehicles from point A to point B. With a range of options spanning the spectrum from freight train to air delivery, for most people, the best choice for shipping a car is by open car trailer.

Although there are different types of truck transport suitable for each car and budget, individuals who ship a car across the country must consider various factors such as size, weight, and the distance the auto transport needs to be shipped across before choosing a truck type that works best for them.

Depending on their specific circumstances, each person can select either open or enclosed carrier trailers and drive-away auto transport services as their preferred method of cross country car transport. In addition, careful research into credible carriers should always be conducted prior to deciding on any shipping provider to ensure safe travels in auto transport.

Understanding how Auto Transport works

ship a car across the country. We can ship one car to multiple cars. We provide excellent customer service.
Ship a Car Cross Country

Experienced and Vetted ACross Country Carriers

National Transport Services makes auto transport a breeze. We work with experienced, reliable carriers throughout the country who specialize in shipping cars across borders and long distances. Our team is dedicated to finding experienced carriers that understand the car shipping needs of our customers.

Whether you’re looking to ship a car cross country or are just needing to transport your vehicle in a safe and timely manner, we take the headaches out of cross country car shipping by working with you to ensure your scheduling, budget, and other car shipping needs connected to transporting your vehicle are all taken care of. Trust in National Transport Services for all of your car shipping needs!

why you TRUST should NATIONAL TRANSPORT​ services?

We are leading cross country auto transport company.

At National Transport Services, we understand that when it comes to shipping a car across the country, there are many factors to consider. That is why we strive to provide the highest level of customer service and reliability through our across the country car transport services.

Our team specializes in cross country car shipping all models of vehicles on behalf of their owners, and Each year, thousands of customers trust us to ensure a stress-free move while saving on car shipping costs and time along the way. We provide customers with a seamless car shipping experience and comfort knowing their vehicle is in qualified hands.

Shipping a car from one state to another or even across the country can seem like an overwhelming challenge, but National Transport Services makes it simple. Our experienced, professional staff provides reliable and timely auto transport of your vehicle without breaking the bank.

We recognize that your car is valuable, so we coordinate factors such as route and timing with our extensive network of shippers to ship your car safely and efficiently. Allow us to manage all the details of shipping your cross-country car so you can trust that it will arrive in perfect condition.

Why Do People Use an Auto Transport CompanY to ship there car?

What Benefits Do Car Shipping Companies Present?

When you hire a car transport company for cross country car shipping, car shipping cost is one of the most integral factors to consider. The ultimate decision between open car transport or enclosed transport is by far the biggest determinant when it comes to car shipping cost. However, other elements such as your vehicle’s make and model, distance being traveled, and type of auto transport service provider also play a crucial role in deciding on the total across the country car shipping cost.


Vehicle protection is especially important for classic cars and luxury cars. Cross country car transport is a great way to ship a car – avoiding damage to the vehicle while not adding extra miles. Car shipping companies have experience in custom vehicles, luxury or performance vehicles, vintage cars, and more, so you can trust them with your cherished possessions.

Their teams understand how to take proper care of classic cars from start to finish, whether it’s packaging in clean blankets during travel, securing vehicles for overseas auto transport, or storing them until delivery. Investing in such auto transport services for your classic vehicle will not only save money over time but also bring peace of mind.

Icons made by Freepik from' As the leader in the auto transport industry, National Transport Services can ship any car cross country.
Full Vehicle Protection
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Fleet Transport Service


When relocating an entire business-owned fleet, it can be an overwhelming process to plan and ship all the vehicles safely. Hiring car shipping companies is the most efficient solution as they have experience in shipping a car across country. They know the best route to ship a car across the country, so your cars arrive timely and undamaged.

They handle all paperwork, including filing insurance claims for lost or damaged during the car shipping venture. Car shipping companies simplify the relocation of a business fleet, making the entire process worry-free and seamless.

Moving your fleet and all its vehicles requires plenty of time and effort. Instead of taking the traditional approach for business relocation, it’s better to opt for cross country car shipping. Hiring a cross country vehicle shipping company is the most efficient way to move and ship your fleet, giving you more time to plan other aspects of your move.

The professionals are experienced in handling long distance cross country car shipping, so you don’t have to worry about driving cross-country or dealing with other associated auto transport stressors. A reliable car shipping service will take care of every step – allowing you to have peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Cross Country MOVES

Moving is an overwhelming endeavor, especially when you’re shipping a car long-distance. National Transport Services specializes in cross country car transport and ship cars across the country door-to-door, so you don’t have to worry about traveling yourself.

With our team of experienced professionals, we make your vehicle relocation effortless from pickup to delivery so that you can focus on your move. We understand how important it is for households to get each car securely and quickly ship across the country, and we provide custom solutions tailored to your unique car shipping needs.

Icons made by Aranagraphics from'. National Transport Services is a car shipping company. We specialize in cross country auto transport. We offer both open car transport as well as an enclosed carrier.
Cross Country Auto Transport



Open or enclosed cross country car shipping.

Here at National Transport Services, we know that ship a car across the country is not an easy task. We understand how important it is for you to ship your car safely, securely, and on time. That’s why we offer two different methods of auto transport for you to choose from open auto transport and enclosed auto transport.

Open auto transport gives you maximum car shipping cost savings with easy access for our carriers. Enclosed auto transport has the added benefit of protecting your vehicle from the elements during transit. Regardless of which option you choose, you can rest assured that our experts are shipping your car with a high level of safety and security, just like they have done for thousands of customers in the past.


Need to ship a car? Cross country auto transport is our specialty. Out truck drivers are vetted and have full insurance coverage.
Get Door to Door Delivery with Vehicle Transport

Find Out The Average Cost to Ship a car across the country and save money with an open trailer

When shipping a car to a neighboring city or even across country, open auto transport is often the top choice. It involves loading your vehicle onto an extended two-level trailer and having a professional cross country car shipping company ship it to its destination. Car transport in this manner allows you to ship multiple vehicles at once and helps bring down car shipping costs for longer distances.

You’ve likely noticed these trailers traveling along the highway on many occasions, with different cars loaded up for a cross country car journey. Understanding open transport is an important part of making an informed decision when choosing a car shipping company, and how to ship your vehicle from one place to another.

Open auto transport car shipping: With this option, you can ship any type of vehicle at a fraction of car shipping costs – seven to ten vehicles can fit on the same trailer! Plus, open trailers are much lighter than enclosed auto transport options, so fuel costs remain lower too. Cross country vehicle shipping with our reliable and experienced team is inexpensive, efficient, and completely safe. Whether you’re shipping a standard model or a used car, you can count on lower prices and fast delivery.

a better understanding of Enclosed Transport

The safest option to ship a car across the country.

When you need cross country vehicle shipping, enclosed auto transport is the best option to protect your vehicle. Our enclosed auto transport allows your vehicle to be shipped in a fully-enclosed trailer that offers more security and protection than an open-air carrier can provide.

This is especially important for expensive or rare cars, and if you’re looking to ship an antique, a collectible, or a luxury vehicle, then you should definitely opt for our enclosed transport services. The extra layer of security it provides will give you extra peace of mind so that you know your beloved car will arrive safe and sound at its destination.

Inside an enclosed trailer. Looking at the rear end of a classic Ferrari and a modern Porsche.

WHAT can affect THE overall COST OF CAR SHIPPING?

Our specialty is the door to door transport. We can do the door to door service with open and enclosed transport trailers to the majority of delivery locations across the country.
Cross Country Enclosed Transport is Available

what is the cost to ship a car across country?Many factors go into the cost of cross the country car shipping

When you hire a car transport company for cross country car shipping, car shipping cost is one of the most integral factors to consider. The ultimate decision between open transport or enclosed transport is by far the biggest determinant when it comes to car shipping cost. However, other elements such as your vehicle’s make and model, distance being traveled, and type of auto transport service provider also play a crucial role in deciding on the total across the country car shipping cost.

Depending on these primary parameters, an individual can choose from a range of reasonable prices for cross country car transport. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with your options before settling on the ideal solution for your vehicle’s journey.

Cross country car shipping can be surprisingly expensive, but with National Transport Services, you will get the best value, service, and outcome without breaking the bank. Our years of experience have taught us that factors such as the type of car being transported, seasonality, method of transport, distance between points A and B and other variables all affect the car shipping costs of shipping a car across country.

With NTS’ unbeatable combination of value and service plus our commitment to keeping your vehicle safe throughout its journey – you can trust that you’re making the right decision when you ship a car across the country with us.


Years of experience and thoroughly vetted carriers.

When it comes to ship a car across the country or cross country car transport, National Transport Services is second-to-none. Backed by experienced logistics technicians and advanced vehicle infrastructure, we provide timely, professional, and secure car shipping services for all of our customer’s auto transport needs.

Whether it’s for a family making a move or a dealership relocation, National Transport Services has your back. We pride ourselves on giving every client 5-star service from start to finish to ensure complete satisfaction every time.


A red 1987 Ferrari Testarossa was just unloaded from an enclosed car transport trailer. We can move any car across the country, new or vintage, exotic car, or daily drivers.

National Transport Services is proudly committed to providing our customers with reliable, convenient, and timely auto shipping services. Whether you need to ship a car across the country or just transport a vehicle from one state to another, we are ready to help.

Our experienced service associates answer any of your questions and work closely with you to determine the best cross country car shipping solution for your specific auto transport needs. Look no further than National Transport Services for all of your cross country car transport requirements. Get a free cross country quote now.

Rogelio ContrerasRogelio Contreras
04:09 25 Jun 24
One of the best companies that ship my vehicle customer service was amazing highly appreciated that thanks for your services
20:29 04 Jun 24
thank you very much for the excellent transport of my 1962 ford galaxie 500. i am extremely pleased with how smooth everything went. will not hesitate to use your service again. Louis
Steve MihalakSteve Mihalak
12:02 18 Apr 24
All logistics for getting my newly purchased car from California to Pennsylvania were addressed. I was given a choice of open or closed (this was my choice) trailer, quoted a price and a timeline was given. Car was picked up and delivered on time. The driver called the day before to give a time window for delivery and the day of about 15 minutes before. I was pleased with all aspects of using NTS........
Lori CarreonLori Carreon
21:41 01 Apr 24
Once our new vehicle was released by the dealership, I fully expected it would be more than a few days if not a week or so. It was a very quick scheduling and delivery. Your driver (Jake) was completely competent and helpful. I would not hesitate to using you folks again. Thank you!
James WilvertJames Wilvert
16:22 29 Mar 24
Daniel MillsDaniel Mills
20:00 20 Mar 24
I got my car and the driver was very nice to me!
Mike RogersMike Rogers
04:32 24 Feb 24
This is the second time I’ve used NTS.As always, the communication has been excellent and my emails answered quickly.Pricing has been great compared to others too. A+Thanks team!
Zac BraggZac Bragg
21:09 13 Feb 24
They got my classic car to me in perfect condition, in short order!
Dan JacquinDan Jacquin
03:36 10 Feb 24
Louis StandsLouis Stands
05:08 08 Feb 24
Amazing and prompt service and communication. The drivers were friendly and gave me updates to their location and helped tremendously! 10/10 would recommend. They weren’t hauling Honda civics… high end hot rods, Porsches and quality cars. They know what they are doing. Thank you for everything.
Rusty FerrellRusty Ferrell
00:28 08 Feb 24
Driver picked up my car in morning in NYC and delivered it that evening in Virginia Beach. Everything as expected but quicker delivery than I expected. Thank you
Barry MieresBarry Mieres
18:55 28 Jan 24
Great experience will ship with this company any time i have too.
Michael ClarkMichael Clark
16:49 19 Jan 24
All in all, they were ok. Poor/no communication from the driver, but broker was responsive.
Ozzie D.Ozzie D.
23:37 13 Jan 24
Very happy with National Transportation. They were constantly communicated with me and kept me up-to-date with the process. Thank you x
Gail SheridanGail Sheridan
16:48 13 Jan 24
Friendly, professional, patient and on schedule per contract. I recommend this company.
James HarveyJames Harvey
16:46 13 Jan 24
Took a couple days longer that I was told, but it got here, safe and sound!
Jarrod DerrickJarrod Derrick
17:50 07 Jan 24
If you are moving from one state to another, and if you DO NOT want to tow your vehicle on your own due to long driving, no insurance, etc…… this company, would definitely be a very great option! Mary is a great representative to work with!Also, with towing the vehicle with this company, it’ll be way cheaper than towing it and moving your things all at once, especially if you’re moving from certain parts of the northeast coast
Brandon OrangeBrandon Orange
14:35 26 Dec 23
Sean was very helpful, but the dispatchers need to have better communication with their drivers of whom they are outsourcing their jobs too, most of the drivers do not speak English creating a communication barrier amongst customer, driver, and dispatch.. If it wasn't for Sean this experience would have been a 1 star.. I have text messages from the driver, which was a contradiction to dispatch on why they left the without delivering my car.. A week later, Car finally got delivered but, still miss communication amongst driver and dispatch upon arrival time, signature upon arrival.. I also had to arrange my own driver for a separate transport in which I already paid for NTS to handle, however Sean tried his best to handle the situation due to the circumstances..
Arahy Perez RodriguezArahy Perez Rodriguez
04:10 17 Dec 23
Steven GoldbergSteven Goldberg
00:15 17 Dec 23
The driver was extremely professional and pleasant. Received my vehicle earl.