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Why national Transport Services for Cars?

National Transport Services is the name in the game when it comes to full service auto transport services for cars. Regardless of your vehicle type or reason for needing transport services for cars, NTS is the premier vehicle transport company in the country. 

As a national vehicle transport company, we partner with carriers everywhere to make sure your vehicle gets to where it needs to be on time and in a way that suits your needs. Since our vast network of carriers is located all over the country, our transport services for vehicles can handle any distance or terrain—snow or rain, or shine. 

If you have been considering a full service auto transport company, then consider National Transport Services


Are you someone who heads south with the birds every year, spending the cold months in some sunshine? Or perhaps you are considering that type of break from winter for the first time. Why not enjoy those sunny days with your convertible top down?

Instead of driving your car and making the trip longer than it needs to be, let the professionals at NTS take care of it. You can just relax and start enjoying the sunshine more quickly. 

We can handle the logistics, and get your car to you in a timeframe that works with your schedule. And while taking advantage of car transport services to get your car from A to B for the purposes of relaxing is one thing, suddenly having to relocate for a new job, for instance, is another. 

What if you have to make a quick move, and your timeline is much more urgent? No problem. Our traffic solutions can work efficiently and quickly, which means you don’t have to worry about any of the details and can focus on the many other aspects of the move. 

Perhaps you aren’t considering a national shipping company because you need your car elsewhere for use, but maybe you are simply storing it for the winter, shipping it to a warmer climate for maintenance and care. If you have a convertible, for instance, then you need a different type of auto transport carrier than if you have a company truck. And we can help you understand these options and all of the others that go into the decision.

After all, whatever your reason for relocating your vehicle from A to B, there are many other factors to consider and plan for. 

Whether you are also looking for a house, or perhaps you need to be prepping for the new position, or even just focusing on making sure all of your dinner reservations are made, worrying about full service transport logistics is the last thing that you want on your mind. Let those other details have your full attention, whether business or pleasure, and leave the national transport solutions to us.

Delivering Solutions

As mentioned, there are different types of national transport solution options depending on the specifics pertaining to your vehicle and your situation. For example, if you are shipping a classic luxury vehicle that is deeply cared for and requires additional protection, then you likely aren’t going to want it exposed to the elements. Additionally, you might want to make sure your classic luxury vehicle is enclosed for security reasons as well. 

Having these options is crucial when it comes to choosing the right national transport solution, because it demonstrates that the national vehicle transport company you are looking to work with does in fact provide full service auto transport. “Full service” being the optimal words here.

But the type of your vehicle isn’t the only consideration that is at play when it comes to shipping a vehicle from one place to another. The destination is also worth noting. Distance to this destination is one aspect, but perhaps an even bigger consideration is terrain. Let’s face it, transporting any type of vehicle is simpler on flat dry roads, than transporting a vehicle through small mountain roads. 

These aren’t necessarily details that you would ever need to bother yourself with, but they are considerations for the auto carrier and the vehicle transport company, and they will reflect your ultimate options and price points, so we feel it is important to mention them.


National Transport Services is a family owned business located in San Antonio, Texas, and we are proud to call ourselves a full service auto transport company. And while there are many vehicle transport companies out there, our trailer services can boast about being the best because our customers say so. 

We post our customers’ reviews proudly and stand confidently by them, just as our customers stand proudly by us. Our staff has strong dedication and commitment to providing quality service, and it shows on a daily basis, and it shines through in customer reviews

Our team knows that every customer is important and deserves the very best service. Not only do we provide our customers with cost-effective transportation solutions (which is a hard thing to find in auto transport companies today), but also peace of mind. 

We want our customers to be at ease when working with us. After all, we respect that trusting your vehicle to another for transport is no small feat. Your vehicle means a great deal to you, or you wouldn’t have it shipped in the first place. 

And after shipping, you want your car to be in the same condition as it was when you entrusted it to us, and we understand that. No matter the destination, your vehicle is in the best hands with us. 

Why Choose Us?

Our ultimate goal is for National Transport Services to become the industry standard in all vehicle shipping needs. We service individual clients, collectors and dealerships of all sizes within the United States. We want to be recognized as the company that made transporting a vehicle easy and stress free. At NTS, our mission is to deliver a 5-star experience to everyone involved in the transportation process. 

And again, we feel we are making good on that mission. Our customers are satisfied with our full service auto transport solutions because we meet them where they are, providing fair pricing and a solution that is tailored to their needs.

Transport services for cars.
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Our Services

Our full service auto transport solutions do not come as one size fits all. We cater to the details of your situation. There are all sorts of logistics and variables to consider, but when all is said and done, there are two main types of shipping services to consider. These are: Open Transport, and Enclosed Transport.

Open auto transport carriers are the most popular vehicle shipping option.


Open trailer is the most common type of car shipping service and one you have likely seen on the road from time to time. This type of transport is more popular because it is easier to arrange than enclosed car carriers. Not to mention, it is applicable to a wider variety of everyday vehicles, but this doesn’t mean it is less secure or worthwhile. 

Open transport is the standard when it comes to shipping your vehicle, and this is because it has been tried and tested and proved time and time again. Open transport is more cost-efficient because the trailers can carry an average of 8-10 cars.

If you have more questions, concerns, or interests about the particulars related to open transport services, click the button below.





And as noted, there are also options to secure an enclosed trailer for your vehicle transport needs. Enclosed transports, as you can guess, are a type of auto transport that adds protection from road debris and weather. 

Most commonly, this type of auto service is used by those who are shipping a classic or luxury car. 

If you have a vehicle that requires additional protection, then an enclosed transport might be the option worth looking into. However, they are not as large as open transport solutions, as they have more coverage and protection built into the trailer. Because of this, enclosed carriers can often carry only a few vehicles at a time, sometimes up to 7 automobiles.

If an enclosed vehicle transport option has your interest, then it is worth considering more information by clicking on the button below.


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If you buy a car online, the element of risk is increased. This is where we are here to help. National Transport Services protects buyers by only releasing the funds to the seller if what you receive is exactly what you paid for. If it is not, ship it back to the seller and you will get a full refund.

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