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Best Ways We Can Help in Car Shipping for Military Personnel

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Car Shipping for Military Personnel

There are all sorts of reasons to have your car shipped from one place to the next. Some of the common reasons that are often discussed are due to climate and relocating during the winter months, moving to a new state, or even heading to college for the year. However, what about those individuals who serve in the military? Do they take their vehicle with them from base to base if they are stationed elsewhere, or perhaps even overseas if that is where duty calls?

If you are an active service member, you might have questions pertaining to car shipping for military programs, and how your specific vehicle might play a role. And while the situation regarding whether the military will ship your car for free may not be the same for every relocation or service member, there are some general guidelines to be aware of.

Military Car Shipping Program

The most common reason for a member of the military to ship a car is because of a permanent change of station order, also known as a PCS order. Receiving such orders might qualify you for participation in a free military car shipping program. And this is the case whether a car is being shipped across the country or overseas.

Military car shipping does require that some requests be filled out, such as alternate port requests, and approval of such requests is required by the Military Traffic Management Command. And even though car shipping for military personnel is permitted to certain members assigned to a new station of duty, these requirements still need to be met.

Additionally, the vehicle needs to be a privately owned vehicle, as opposed to a business vehicle or other type of car. And, while it goes without saying, it is worth mentioning that such military car shipping program services are only available to members of the military who are currently on active duty, as opposed to retired.

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car for the Military?

While car shipping for military personnel might be free (in certain situations) for the individuals themselves, the military does business with car carrier partners and there are some costs that will certainly be incurred. From the cost of the vehicle operations to logistics and other factors, the government might have a handful of costs to consider.

Some of these costs are impacted by distance. For example, shipping a car from one state to a nearby state is cheaper than shipping a military car across the country, or overseas. This is because of the amount of service required as well as additional variables such as the cost of gasoline. And further, when a car is shipped by a carrier, it takes up room on the carrier truck, which is valuable space. If the distance of shipping is quite significant, this means that this carrier slot is occupied for that entire duration, whether the carrier is being pulled behind a truck or being loaded onto a ship. Essentially, your car is renting the space for the duration of the shipment.

What Company Does the Military Use to Ship Cars?

The military can use whatever company it wants when it comes to car shipping for military programs. However, there is a benefit to working with a company like National Transport Services. This is because National Transport Services works with auto carriers all over the country, as opposed to being limited to one geographical region.

Whatever the terrain, distance, weather, or reason, we can get a carrier on board that will meet the needs of the particular situation. This means there is not just a single option for car shipping for military, but many. And we want to help you find the best option that best protects your vehicle, and within a budget you can afford.

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If you are making a move, or perhaps have recently received a PCS order, then don’t hesitate. Reach out to us today.

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