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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car From Texas to Florida?

How Much to Ship a Car From Texas to Florida.

How much to ship a car from Texas to Florida?

If you are planning a move from Texas to Florida, you may be interested in shipping one (or more) of your vehicles. And if so, chances are that you are wondering how much to ship a car from Texas to Florida. So let’s take a look.

The cost to ship a car is impacted by a number of factors, which we’ll discuss below. Speaking generally, the cost to ship a car from Texas to Florida can range from a few hundred dollars to over $1000.
Before we dig into those specific car shipping cost-shaping factors, let’s quickly look at some of the reasons you may want to ship your car in the first place.

Why you may want to ship your car

There are a number of reasons that may make shipping your car well worth the cost. Forbes explains that, the scenarios that make enlisting a car shipping company make sense include keeping road miles off of your car, or if you are “driving a moving truck and cannot tow the car.” You may be moving more than one vehicle, making towing impossible.

Another key reason for shipping a car is the time it takes to drive from Texas to Florida. While this depends on your starting and ending points, the trip from Lubbock to Miami is over 25 hours of drive time. Booking a plane ticket and a car shipping company may be the perfect moving solution.

But whatever your reasons for shipping a car, there are a few things that can directly or indirectly affect the cost of how much to ship a car from Texas to Florida.

Where is the car coming from?

The starting location for your trip can have a big impact on your car shipping cost. Those starting out from a bigger city, a more urban area, or a more highly-trafficked shipping route can expect to pay less to ship their car than those in more rural or remote areas. Commercial car shipping costs are factored, in part, by volume. If it’s likely that your carrier can pick up other vehicles near your starting point, or on the way to your destination, then your car shipping cost will go down.

Where is the car going?

Similarly, car shipping costs are impacted by the destination. First, shipping will nearly always take distance into cost consideration, so if your car is shipping from Texas to Pensacola, FL, for example, it’s likely to cost less than if it is shipping to Key West–if only because Pensacola is closer to Texas.

Secondly, destinations factor into car shipping costs in much the same ways that starting locations do. If your destination is a large metro area, or on a more heavily-trafficked highway, your costs may be lower than if your car is heading to a more remote area.

What season?

The time of year will impact the cost of shipping your car from Texas to Florida. Summertime sees increased traffic (especially through the Orlando area) on the major highways, and that can impact car shipping costs. Shipping in the winter may cost less, as long as weather conditions don’t cause delays (which aren’t as likely in shipping routes from Texas to Florida as they are in other parts of the country). But shipping seasons will factor into the cost to ship a car, as the overall supply and demand will vary throughout the year.

What day of the week?

Sometimes things as simple as the day of the week for pick up or delivery can shape the average cost to ship a car. Some carriers may need to pay drivers a differential for weekends, or may have better driver availability for a Thursday departure. Or perhaps the shipper can arrange a pickup nearby (making your costs lower) if your vehicle can leave on a different day. Flexibility can make a big difference in your car shipping costs.

Open or closed transport?

Another thing to consider, when analyzing the how much to ship a car from Texas to Florida is whether your vehicle will need a closed vehicle transport. If your car can travel in the open air, that will likely cost less than in a closed transport. Closed transport may be preferable for some trips, as it helps protect from dust storms or other weather conditions.

With all of these factors to consider, you can use some help to get the best quotes. National Transport Services would like to help make your move from Texas to Florida as easy as possible. Click here to get a FREE QUOTE, based on the specifics of your move!