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What is the Most Reliable Car Shipping Companies?

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A Google search for “reliable car shipping companies” will give you all sorts of results. Ultimately, this is a good thing since not every reason for shipping a car is the same. 

There are all sorts of variables to consider when it comes to auto transport services. Reliability is one of the most important when you need to ship a car. 

There are ways to check whether a car shipping company is reliable. First and foremost, consider taking a look at their reviews. Customer reviews are a major indicator of a car transport company reliability. However, it’s important to pay special attention to reviews that pertain to your situation. 

For instance, you might have a classic car and need enclosed shipping in a hurry. If this is the case, then checking reviews from someone who received open carrier service won’t cut it. While the review might be strong, it doesn’t speak to your direct needs.

Certainly, filtering reviews in this way will add a bit of time to your search.  But this additional time will help you feel confident in your choice. Think of it as due diligence to make sure you partner with a reliable car shipping team that suits your specific needs.

In order to give you some guidance as your search gets underway, we’ve compiled a list of what are considered the most reliable car transport companies. 


Reliable Car Shipping Companies

Again, consider this list with a reminder that every situation is unique. This list simply is a list of the most popular and best car shipping companies in the auto transport industry, and some of the reasons why.

It’s important to note also that all of these auto transport companies are legit. With so many vehicle shipping options out there, it can feel like spotting a scam could be difficult. There are some indicators to make sure you aren’t being scammed. Find more on that here.

For now, let’s take a look at the list:

RoadRunner Auto Transport

RoadRunner is considered a top car shipping company for a variety of reasons. For one, the company ships cars nationwide, making it comforting to those in need of long-distance shipping. They also ship all kinds of vehicles, from classic cars to inoperable cars, and motorcycles to trucks.

The best car shipping companies also ships door to door service, which is convenient. However, they do not ship terminal to terminal, which can be an inconvenience depending on your situation. 

Montway Auto Transport

You’ll notice Montway Auto Transport is a popular option on a Google search. The company prides itself on the number of options it offers to consumers. Some reviews note this makes room for negotiation and shipping costs reduction. 

However, even though they provide a range of options, Montway Auto Transport ships automobiles only. Therefore, if you have a motorcycle, this is not an option for you.

One complaint is that shipping prices start higher than average. There are other criteria as well, such as the state of a customer’s vehicle on receipt.. Additionally, you must contact Montway for tracking information pertaining to your vehicle.

Sherpa Auto Transport

Like RoadRunner, Sherpa does not offer terminal-to-terminal services. Additionally, Sherpa relies on a phone-call quoting system. This system entails the company calling you back with a quote after you provide your information via an online form. 

There are many people who prefer the convenience of an online car shipping quote system. However, Sherpa has been a name in the game for a long time, and earned a reputation for being a reliable shipping car transport option. A big reason for this is that the company is a broker, as opposed to a carrier, which means it can be flexible around a consumer’s needs.

National Transport Services

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Like Sherpa, National Transport Services is also an auto transport broker, partnering you with the right transport option for your needs. While we appreciate that you have options, we have access to the most reliable car carriers across the country. Regardless of your situation, we have you covered.

It’s one thing to claim that we are the most reliable car shipping company, but it’s another to back it up. Our reviews are posted prominently to do precisely that. But we go further than that to offer transparency. We also provide free car shipping quotes because we want you to know where you stand. 

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Partnering with a reliable car shipping company doesn’t have to be a hard decision. Get a free quote or reach out to us today to better understand your options when it comes to shipping your vehicle, and let us put you at ease.

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