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Learn How to Move Your Car Across the Country for College

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Learn How to Move Your Car Across the Country for College

The college move is a big deal, and likely the first time that you have moved away from home, at least for such a duration of time. This means there are likely many considerations you are dealing with that you haven’t had to deal with before. For example, how do you pack for such an extended period of time? Will everything fit in your car? Are you bringing your car, since you’ll likely need it on campus? How long will the drive take if you are moving a long distance to college?

These are all great questions, and ones that you will have to answer and figure out soon enough. But, they don’t have to be difficult. In fact, there is a simple solution to moving across the country for college, and that is to have your items shipped. Sure, you have likely considered this option already, and maybe even decided that it makes sense. But, have you considered it for your car as well?

Shipping your car across the country is easy, time-saving, and most importantly, takes the stress off of you and your planning process. After all, moving across the country for college comes with enough considerations. Why not remove the burden of getting your vehicle to campus by shipping the car across the country?

Here are a few things to keep in mind to better understand how to ship a car across the country.

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Distance Doesn’t Matter

No matter how you define it, moving across the country for college feels like a great distance. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t ship your car across the country that distance. It’s quite the opposite. Car shipping services will get your car where it needs to be, regardless of the distance. Additionally, you can choose to have your car dropped off right on campus, or you can choose a pickup destination that makes sense. 

And since there are all sorts of factors that play a role in cross country car shipping, such as weather and differing terrain, you can make sure to nail down a transport service that meets your needs and covers all of these factors and more. Car transport companies understand precisely what it takes to ship a car across the country and account for not only the factors along the way, but the type of vehicle you have as well.

Eliminate the Stress

Moving across the country for college can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. Most of this stress is related to starting something new and preparing for the big move. If there are any areas where stress can be eliminated, why not see it through? By shipping your car across the country for college, you are eliminating one more area of stress that you can do without. 

After all, you should be focused on getting your books, making sure you have packed everything you need, and other items related to the college itself. Getting your car to campus doesn’t need to be part of this list. Additionally, there is no better way to arrive on campus for the first time than after a short and relaxing flight rather than spending hours and hours in a car, only to arrive tired and maybe stiff from the long ride. 

Do yourself a favor by having your car shipped across the country and eliminate one more component of potential stress.

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Now that you understand that shipping your car across the country for college is a simple and convenient option that will save you time and help eliminate stress, you likely are contemplating one of the bigger questions—how much does it cost to ship a car across the US? It’s a great question, and it doesn’t have a single answer.

There are many factors that play a role in how much it costs to ship a car across the country. For example, even though the distance isn’t a factor in whether or not you can ship your car, it is a factor in how much it costs to do so. Another factor is the type of vehicle you have, which will inform the specifics necessary for safe transport.  

There are additional factors as well, such as the terrain that your car will be transported across, which might be safer for some transportation carriers than others. And these are only a few of the items that will determine the cost. However, this doesn’t mean you have to wait until after business has been concluded to know what you are going to spend. We provide free quotes so that you know where you stand up front.

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