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What is the Cost to Ship a Car From California to Florida? 

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Ship a car from California to Florida

Understanding your options and choosing the right type of shipping makes transporting your car from California to Florida easy. And with the best car shipping company, it may not cost as much as you think. 


How much does it cost to ship a car from California to Florida? 

Because each car is unique, and reasons for shipping a car vary from person to person, the best car shipping companies offer a variety of choices. Some people need to get a car moved quickly, while other people need extra care for a special antique. A number of factors determine the cost to ship a car from California to Florida. 

Type of car 

The average cost of shipping a car from California to Florida is determined, in part, by the size and weight of the vehicle. Smaller, lighter vehicles cost less to ship.


The transport vehicle can carry more cars if they’re small 


The transport vehicle uses less fuel when moving lighter cars 

Type of transport 

Shipping options span the spectrum from freight train to air delivery, but for most people and most budgets, the best option to ship a car from California to Florida is by truck. There are, however, different types of truck transport. For most people, the choice of truck transport depends on the car they want to ship. 

Open transport

The most common of these transports, two-level trailers, are easily spotted on the freeway during any road trip. But there are also single-level open transport trailers for more specialized vehicles. No matter the trailer form or number of cars, the vehicle is secured in trailer, and the transport structure is open air. 

Enclosed transport

These trucks have fully enclosed trailers. Enclosed transports include options from single-car trailers to single level multi-car trailers, and there are even multi-level, multi-car enclosed trailers.

 For most owners, the car itself is the determining factor in choice of transport. Open transport is the best option for most cars, because extra protection from the elements isn’t necessary, and open transport accommodates most makes and models of production vehicles without any added cost.

 Enclosed transport, on the other hand, is usually the best choice for classic, custom, luxury, or performance vehicles. Full protection from wind, rain, dust, gravel, and other travel hazards provides additional assurance.  


The cost to ship a car from California to Florida typically decreases during the winter months when demand for auto shipping declines. April through October is typically when car shipping demand is highest. 

Type of shipping service 

When you want to ship a car from California to Florida, owners can choose one of two pick-up and delivery options: terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door. 


The owner drives their shipping-prepared car to the nearest terminal in California and leaves it for loading. The car is transported to Florida and unloaded for pickup at the terminal nearest to the owner’s destination. 


The car is picked up for loading at the owner’s home, or another pre-selected location like a dealer or workplace in California. It is transported to Florida and unloaded at the owner’s home, or other pre-selected location. 

Terminal-to-terminal tends to be a less expensive option, but a terminal may be hundreds of miles from the owner’s home or destination. While often cheaper, this option is less convenient, and it means adding miles to your car, which is often a deterrent in the case of dealership purchases or classic and luxury vehicles. 

Door-to-door offers the most convenience, by comparison, but it tends to be more expensive. For classic, luxury, and other specialty vehicles, though, door-to-door, enclosed auto transport means the vehicle is protected throughout the full transport distance, and without a single mile added to the odometer. 

How to pick the best car shipping company 

Most car shipping in the United States is conducted by small companies and individual contractors. This tends to make shopping for an auto transport service time-consuming and confusing. That’s where we step in. 

With years of expertise and a dedicated, knowledgeable staff, National Transport Service works directly with reliable, trusted auto transporters to help you select the right type of transportation. Our service helps you select the option that best protects your vehicle, while also ensuring your car arrives when you need it—all within a budget you can afford. It’s the safer, easier way to ship a car. Get your free quote here.


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