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How does Florida car transport work?

1950s classic convertible parked in front of the restaurant Avalon in Miami, FL. We are the #1 Florida auto transport company.

How does Florida car transport work?

You may rely on National Transport Services for car shipping back to Florida. We have a long history and a stellar reputation. Our dispatch, support, and claims teams put forth a lot of effort to make sure your package is handled expertly. Not to mention the knowledgeable sales team working to ensure you get the help you need.

To make Florida car transport easier, we’ve simplified the procedure. Also, we handle all the logistics beginning with your first contact. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing the service you’re receiving is secure, reliable, and reasonably priced.


Enjoy car shipping to and from Florida in 3 easy steps:

1 Request a price and place your order

2 We will come and pick up your car

3 We deliver your automobile



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How much do Florida car shipping services run?

You’re interested in shipping your automobile to or from Florida and want to know how much it will cost. The rate depends on many things. When shipping a car to or from Florida, distance is the most crucial factor, along with the brand and model of the vehicle. However, a few more elements are as vital. These consist of the following:


Date of pickup


Vehicle\s (Make and Model)

Mechanical condition

Trailer type





An arial view of Miami Beach, FL. As a car transport company we make sure all car arrived on time with reasonable car transport rates. When it comes to vehicle shipping, we are the experts.

How long does it take to send an automobile to or from Miami and other Florida cities?

For routes under 200 miles, you may anticipate auto shipping to or from Florida will take 1-1.5 days on average. It may take up to 9 days to go more than 2,000 miles. You may be confident that we’ll take every precaution to move your automobile as effectively, swiftly, and safely as possible.

Many factors influence the duration of car shipping to/from Florida. These variables include distance, traffic, diversions, weather, season, and road construction. You can speed up the service if you select assured pick-up or expedited auto transport if time is of the essence.



The American flag waving in the air. We service the entire nation. As an elite car shipping company, we offer an affordable Florida auto transport cost.

Nationwide auto transport to and from Florida

One of our specializations is car transportation to and from Florida, and we can arrange pick-ups and deliveries across the country.


Cape Coral, Florida Services for transporting cars to or from Cape Coral, Florida, car shipping

FL Coral Springs Services for auto shipping to or from Coral Springs, Florida, car transport

FL Fort Lauderdale Services for moving cars to or from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, car shipping

FL Hialeah Services for moving cars to or from Hialeah, Florida, car transport

FL Hollywood Services for auto transport to or from Hollywood, Florida, car shipping

FL Jacksonville Services for moving cars to or from Jacksonville, Florida, car transport

Tampa, FL Services for auto shipping to or from Miami, Florida car transport

FL Miramar Services for transporting cars to or from Miramar, Florida, car transport

FL Port St. Lucie Services for transporting cars to or from Port St. Lucie, Florida auto transport

FL Orlando Services for transporting cars to or from Orlando, Florida, car shipping

FL Pembroke Pines Services for car transportation to or from Pembroke Pines, Florida auto transport services

FL St. Petersburg Services for auto transport to or from St. Petersburg, Florida auto transport

FL Sunrise Services for moving cars to or from Sunrise, Florida, auto transport

FL Tallahassee Services for auto transport to or from Tallahassee, Florida, car shipping services

FL Tampa Services for moving cars to or from Tampa, Florida, car shipping services


The best advice for anybody relocating to Florida

Make moving to Florida your simplest endeavor ever.

Top 5 suggestions for relocating to Florida

  • The weather in Florida is among the factors that lead to many people leaving the state. There are frequent hurricanes. Be ready for harsh sun and severe weather if you intend to relocate to Florida.
  • One thing to look for while searching for schools is whether or not the institution offers bilingual instruction. Since there are many Hispanics in Florida, it will be beneficial to learn the language early.
  • You must take various steps to become a resident of Florida officially. A Florida driver’s license or identity card can be obtained by applying. Renew your auto insurance. If you made money in both states throughout the year, you could also need to submit taxes.
  • Florida is a popular vacation destination, so if you’re considering relocating there, be ready to cope with an influx of visitors during the busiest seasons.
  • Florida homeowners occasionally have their automobiles swallowed up by sinkholes, which is a problem. The location and timing of the emergence of a sinkhole cannot be predicted.

Florida’s top 5 most beneficial websites


Florida Department of Transportation

My Florida – The Official Portal of the State of Florida

Florida Department of Health

Florida Department of Education

Count on us, your car shipping company to move your automobile worldwide and to/from Florida

We provide auto transport to and from Florida. That’s quick, simple, secure, and safe.



Map of Florida. FL car transport services you can count on. With many car shipping companies in the car shipping industry, you can depend on us to do the job right.

Car transport FL


Florida car transport to or from

Florida has the longest coastline, fantastic theme parks and tourist attractions, stunning state parks, excellent golf courses, and a rich cultural and historical heritage. Furthermore, the state’s year-round average temperature ranges from 65 to 77 degrees.

Such perfect circumstances are a draw for individuals who want to avoid the cold and live or visit the beach. It makes sense that snowbirds, seasonal travelers, tourists, distant workers, college students, service members, and families come from the southeast to Florida every year. Their time in the state is made more comfortable by having their car with them. Florida car transport can be simple, inexpensive, and stress-free—and it has unexpected advantages!

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What to take into account before shipping a car to Florida

When transporting a car to or from Florida, several factors include the type of vehicle you’re shipping, transport trailer options, and the distance between your destinations. Depending on the particulars of your automobile, such as its size, weight, special features, and condition, your final cost can go up.

Shipping prices are also influenced by the season. For instance, transportation costs to Florida will often be higher since more tourists visit Florida in the winter. These elements will be considered when calculating the total cost of transporting your car. Ask a vehicle shipping business for an estimate to obtain a precise concept of your costs.


Select the top Florida auto shipping business

You might wish to keep your vehicle in the sunshine state, whether relocating to Florida, sometimes traveling, a military family, or a tourist.

Find a business you can trust to handle the task and deliver your car securely when you begin your auto shipment in Florida. It is simple, thanks to National Transport Services. To guarantee that your vehicle is treated with care and arrives safely and on time, we offer a tailored approach and will work with you at every step of the route. Request a Florida car shipping estimate or contact a knowledgeable customer service representative at (888) 346-2202 to get started.


Fun facts about Florida:

  1. The southernmost point of the USA is Florida. Although Florida is physically the southernmost point on the continent, technically, Hawaii is the southernmost state in the union.
  2. Florida is home to the oldest city in the nation still inhabited. The oldest city in the US is St. Augustine, located about 41 miles south of Jacksonville. The town, founded in 1565 by Spaniards, is home to a fortification from the 17th century.
  3. The US’s longest coastline is found in Florida. Eight hundred twenty-five miles of beaches in the state are open to both inhabitants and visitors.
  4. Florida is the only state that borders the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.
  5. The lowest natural point is in the Sunshine State. In other words, the highest peak in any other state is lower than Britton Hill, which is 345 feet above sea level.
  6. There are almost 7,700 lakes in Florida. Minnesota ought to be alarmed!


Florida tourist attractions:

  1. The Florida Keys and the mainland are connected via the Overseas Highway, sometimes referred to as U.S. Highway 1. It extends through Key Largo, Islamadora, Marathon, Lower Keys, and eventually Key West, the furthest and most well-known island, 127.5 miles (205.2 km) into the Gulf of Mexico. Initially constructed by the Overseas Train and completed in 1912, most roadway follows a railroad line wrecked mainly by a powerful cyclone in 1935.
  2. Before Miami Vice, violence in South Beach kept people indoors at night and left hotels largely empty. An upsurge of people working in the fashion business moved to South Beach in the late 1980s, spurred on by the success of the TV program.
  3. The Everglades, which run from Lake Okeechobee to Florida Bay, may look to the uninitiated as a sizable swamp. Still, it is a large, shallow, slowly flowing river of grass. Except for the deeper areas, it dries up during the dry season.
  4. As the continental U.S.’s southernmost city, Key West lies further from Miami than Havana itself – and it was Florida’s biggest town for a long time! A primary reason that made this possible was treasures recovered from shipwrecks off its coast- however, as navigation improved & these wrecks became less common in the latter 19th century, so did KW’s prosperity fade.
  5. Walt Disney World (situated near Orlando) remains one of the globe’s most visited tourist spots; thanks to four sensational parks—The Magic Kingdom, Epcot CentreDisney’s Hollywood Studios&Animal Kingdom —the resort stands unrivaled worldwide when it comes to theme park size & popularity. While some tourists call it a haven of pleasure, enchantment, and imagination, others criticize it for being overcrowded, artificial, and consistently tacky.

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