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The Best Car Shipping Companies in California, Ranked

California highway and cityscape. This blog will go over The Best Car Shipping Companies in California.

Top 3 Best Car Shipping Companies in California

Auto shipping continues to increase in popularity. Whether state to state or coast to coast, there is no denying that vehicle transportation services have made logistics easier for consumers.  And in a state as large as California, for example, it is clear to see why.

Car shipping companies in California have experience with all sorts of terrain, from mountains to beaches to deserts. This varied landscape means that shipping a car from one place to another is not quite the same for every auto transport service. Therefore, you want to find a California auto transport company that can address your needs, regardless of what those needs might be. 


Reasons for Auto Transport Services

If you are moving from Los Angeles to Sacramento, for example, you might be put off by the six hour drive. On one hand, if you have no agenda or timeframe, then perhaps you might not be as intimidated by this. On the other hand, if you were starting a new job and needed to get there pronto, then six hours could be stressful. 

Flying will get you there much more quickly, and relying on a car shipping company in Sacramento will remove the worry (and logistics) of getting your vehicle where it needs to be. And this is the case whether you are going on vacation, transporting your classic show car to an event, or any other reason. 

Simply put, car shipping California companies are not few and far between, meaning you can easily get your ride door to door without hassle. But, this leads to a top-of-mind question: What is the best car shipping company in California? It’s a valid question, and one that considers many variables

Car shipping companies offer different shipping options or car shipping costs, but these factors alone don’t make any single a standout. For instance, just because a car shipping quote is cheapest from one car shipping service, does that make it the best? 

We take the question as seriously as you do, which is why we have done the research and found what are largely considered to be the auto transport companies in California. These are based on reviews (social or third-party), and provide a picture for some of the things to expect when searching for a California car shipping company that meets your needs.


3 of the Best Reviewed Car Shipping Companies in California

California Highway 1. Ship a car with us today. From Los Angeles, CA, or any other California city or town.

A “best to worst” ranking system is tricky, and a “most popular to least popular” tends to be a bit regional. Our list is based on shipping options, cost, and convenience for car owners.


Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa has been in the business for a long time, and over the years has made quite a name for itself. Since Sherpa is a auto transport broker, as opposed to a carrier, it can be flexible to a consumer’s needs and help pair them with the best shipping option for their situation. 

However, a drawback to Sherpa’s services is their phone call-based quoting system. While many modern auto transport companies provide online forms and (some) even free online quotes, Sherpa calls you back after you fill out an online form. Certainly there are some people who still prefer to discuss logistics and prices over the phone, but there are others who appreciate the convenience of an online system.


Montway Auto Transport

Popularity is definitely on Montway’s side. This auto shipping company has many options, which ultimately makes room for negotiation and cost reduction. However, cost reduction and negotiation are important because Montway Auto Transport company shipping costs tend to start higher than average.

The vehicle shipping company also has certain criteria in place to be aware of. For example, if you are shipping a car that no longer runs, it is going to be more expensive than one that is operational. 


National Transport Services logo. NTS was initially based in Los Angeles, and now the main office is in San Antonio. We offer enclosed auto transport and open auto transport. Car shipping cost is lower with our vehicle transport service.

National Transport Services

From top-notch customer service to nationwide shipping, National Transport Services gets your vehicle from A to B with ease. We are also an auto transport broker, which means we can partner you with the best service for the best price, regardless of where your car is headed. 

We aren’t just a popular vehicle shipping company in California, but all over the country. Additionally, we proudly post our reviews on our website because we understand the importance of peer-to-peer information. Transparency is key when it comes to shipping your vehicle, and that is why in addition to reviews we provide free quotes as well. 

The bottom line is that there are many options out there for California car shipping companies, but with National Transport Services, you know where you stand.


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